The Sevrano’s: Once living the American Dream

The SevranosThis isn’t any new news: Homeland Security has been attempting deport many illegals back to their homelands. And quite frankly they are deporting many who may have fallen through technicalities in the system. Dr. Pedro Servano and his wife received notification the day after the Thanksgiving holiday that they were to pack their bags and be processed for deportation at the Allenwood Federal Prison in Pennsylvania. These aren’t illegal immigrants who crossed the border and have been living secret lives in American society. These are well educated, well-to-do contributors to society who help others in their community and have tried legally to attain citizenship from the U.S. Government.

The Servanos’ offense? They entered the United States in the early 1980s on visas that did not reflect the couple had married since their mothers had completed the pair’s visa applications.

The Servano’s applied for their visas as single when they first entered the U.S. in the early 80’s because they were not married yet. Then in 1987, the couple officially wed and a few years later applied for legal citizenship as a married couple. During the process, an immigration official accused them of having misrepresented their marital status.

The couple have done nothing wrong except that their visa applications wrongly stated they were single, which was true when the applications were submitted, their attorney said.

Dr. Pedro Servano and his wife, Salvacion, obeyed an order to meet with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Philadelphia and were told to report back in 60 days, attorney Gregg Cotler said. No deportation date was set, he said.

The couple has attempted to follow all laws and rules by Immigration officials. And now they must wait it out till their fate is decided from a mistake that was made years ago. Support is brewing for the Sevrano’s. Stay tuned for more info…

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