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The Physical Difference Between Asians and Asian Americans

I took a graduate level feminist theory class for fun, and we had an interesting discussion about the false dichotomy of gender. Basically, my professor was stating that the concepts of “man” and “woman” were more socially constructed concepts than … Continue reading

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In Language Health Care Webinars Now Available

Back in May, 2013 I wrote about the availability of information on the New Healthcare Law that was available in 10 different Asian languages The presentation titled “The Health Care Law and You” was translated into 10 different Asian languages … Continue reading

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Kenichi Ebina Performs a Matrix-Style Martial Arts Dance on America’s Got Talent

Kenichi Ebina wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent with his crazy moves, but this isn’t the first time he’s made a splash: Kenichi performed his “magic moves” at TED in 2007.

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Golden State Warriors & NBA Nation China Summer Tour

With the Miami Heat winning the NBA championship last week, you would think the only thing happening between now and the new season would be the NBA draft, but you would be wrong. As you know from my previous posts, … Continue reading

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8Questions with 8Asians Writer Akrypti

Incisive, perceptive, and thorough, Akrypti’s articles always get me thinking even when I totally disagree with her. With the ability to hit an issue right on the nose, many of her posts get thousands of hits within hours and then … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Like Their Jobs, But Feel Left Out

Infographic source: A new study released by the Asia Society found that Asian Americans overall liked their jobs (61% had job satisfaction), felt they really care about their employer (90% said they really care about their company’s success), but over … Continue reading

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Double Minority: South Indian in a Predominantly North Indian Minority Community

As an incoming Freshman at UC-Irvine, I was amazed to see that more than half the tables at the student activities fair were ethnic, not interest, organizations. There were three Chinese groups, a Korean students association and a Korean Christian … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin is Adopted by KevJumba’s Dad Well, kind of. See for yourself what happened when Jeremy Lin visited the home of KevJumba and PapaJumba. h/t: Taj

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Sullivan & Son Episode Review: “Pilot, One More Time” and “Acceptance”

About a year ago, Dino-Ray of 8Asians mused that the new TBS show Sullivan & Son looked sort of intriguing because of its ethnically diverse cast, but would commit only to the possibility that he might see it when he … Continue reading

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Dating in Taiwan: An ABC’s Perspective

By Lianne Lin So by now it has been two and a half months since I came back to California after living in Taiwan for three years.  People ask me how my love life was during that time, and I … Continue reading

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Who are we? Asian American, Asian-American, APA, API, APIA, AAPI, or what?

We can’t seem to agree on a designation, which makes sense: we can’t ever seem to agree on anything. As Asians, unity isn’t really our thing. (Although for purposes of this post, let’s assume we all agree “mongoloid race” and … Continue reading

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Immigrant Linguistic Generation Gap

This Chinglish clip is amusing, the lost-in-translation between Chinese and English so ridiculous it’s almost not funny. But this is between international business collaborators, with veritable strangers. Can you imagine what it’s like to experience this in your home with … Continue reading

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