8Questions with 8Asians Writer Akrypti


Incisive, perceptive, and thorough, Akrypti’s articles always get me thinking even when I totally disagree with her. With the ability to hit an issue right on the nose, many of her posts get thousands of hits within hours and then take the top spot for weeks. Get to know this veteran 8Asians writer in 8Questions:

1. Describe who you are.

I am not as unreasonable as my online written persona comes across. I am a feminist, but I can also be a hypocrite. I am a zealous advocate of Taiwan independence, but I married a Chinese national who has legacy ties to the CCP and the Chinese military. I pick my battles, but when I’ve picked one, I tend to scorch the earth…unintentionally. I am a lawyer, a writer, an editor, a conservative on most issues but liberal on the civil liberties front.

 2. What are your hobbies and interests?

I love to write. One of these days I swear I’ll publish that All American Novel. One of these. Days. Advising entrepreneurs is part of my work, but I also consider it my hobby and interest.

Other random hobbies and interests: Fashion design, music composition on the piano, painting, cooking and baking, tarot (I am officially a certified tarot master, laugh all you want), cats–I am very interested in cats, everything about cats. I am allergic to cats and every doctor I have ever seen has strongly advised me to get rid of the cats, but love conquers all.

3. What Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) issues are you most passionate about?

Support for APIA arts and culture. Fostering cross-gender relations. No, seriously. Like there isn’t already a general divide between men and women, there is an even sharper one between APIA men and APIA women. Though not exactly APIA, I’m interested in cross-straits relations between China and Taiwan.

I am also passionate about getting more APIAs in C-suite executive positions and supporting the work of APIA start-ups and entrepreneurs.

4. What sort of articles do you write for 8Asians and why?

I write when I have an opinion. I write when something bothers me and I just need to get it out of my system.

5. What other APIA writing or activities are you actively involved in?

There is a gem of a literary journal I’m involved with. I sit on the boards of several APIA non-profits. Mentoring APIA youth and motivating them to pursue their passions and ambitions. Lately I leave the macro-level policy-making, activist-engaging, movement-starting work for the younger ones. My APIA activities are at the micro-level and more focused on the individual: empowering and uplifting the APIA community, one person at a time.

6. What is the greatest challenge that the APIA community faces?


7. Who is your Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) hero?


8. What is your favorite Asian comfort food?

When it’s rainy, literally or figuratively, I feel better after a bowl of piping hot seafood congee with pidan (thousand year old egg). Sashimi salad is also very comforting.

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