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McCain’s Surprise: VP ‘Bobby’ Jindal ?

With Senator John McCain the “presumptive” presidential nominee for the Republican Party, there is a lot of speculation as to who McCain will pick as his vice presidential running mate. Amongst the field of possible running mates, a surprising possible … Continue reading

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What do strong Asian women sound like??

Caution: Strong Asian Women Cursing… Swagger+Articulate speech+Loud Cursing = SEXY!!!!!!!!

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Dith Pran, ‘Killing Fields’ Photographer, Dies at 65

Photo: The New York Times: “In 1979, Mr. Dith escaped over the Thai border. He returned to Cambodia in the summer of 1989, at the invitation of Prime Minister Hun Sen. At left, Mr. Dith visited a museum at Tuol … Continue reading

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Lena Chen, NOT a Student of Virginity

In this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, there is an article “Students of Virginity,” which discusses that “In the Ivy League, abstinence is a) philosophical, b) research-based, c) an outgrowth of feminism, d) sexy and fun, e) all of the … Continue reading

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Sun Myung Moon: It’s Not a Conspiracy… Its True

This is the larger-than-life story of Reverend Moon, the billionaire Korean preacher behind the Washington Times, the heart of the GOP media machine… who jet-sets around the world with members of the Bush family… who literally claims to be the … Continue reading

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San Jose: Brazen purse snatchers preying on Vietnamese women

The latest crime spree in San Jose, California appears to be “Brazen purse snatchers preying on Vietnamese women.” In general, I think San Jose has dubbed itself in the past as the safest big city in America (San Jose is … Continue reading

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Immigrants just want to blend into the crowd

Interesting conversation I had with a friend of mine. I had asked why he spoke American English without an accent since he was taught in the style of British proper as are pretty much all Asians that immigrate to the … Continue reading

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Porn Fridays: Jenny, Jenny… who can I turn to?

(Re-posted from my personal weblog site) I don’t know what to make of this. I literally sat there for the four-plus minutes with my mouth wide open; horrified but fascinated. It’s like watching my sister, or any one of my … Continue reading

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Books for Cooks: New TV show, book build on Yan’s passion

“Books for Cooks: New TV show, book build on Yan’s passion” profiles Asian-American cook Martin Yan, a local San Francisco Bay Area resident. “Now in his 30th year on television, Yan is still cooking – and spreading the message of … Continue reading

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How fast can you use the Asian as the punchline???

Apparently 1 min and 14 secs… “I roll with a clan, you look like Jackie Chan” OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! NOT EDIT: this is Lupe Fiasco and Chris Brown backstage after a show in London for those of you who may not have … Continue reading

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Open Casting Call in Chicago: Formosa Betrayed

Last year, I had the opportunity to meet the writer/producer of the film Formosa Betrayed, Will Tiao as he was trying to raise money for the film. Formosa Betrayed is based on actual events that happened in the early-80s, about … Continue reading

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Center for Asian American Media Interactive at SFIAAFF 08

A week or two ago I was fortunate enough to go to the 26th Annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (Okay, seriously, when the acronym is longer than most English words, that is when you need you come … Continue reading

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