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The Molded Minority

In the discussions of racism and its impact in the United States, people often commonly refer to the racial relationships between White and Black Americans. In history textbooks, we study in depth the discriminatory practices and laws perpetrated by Whites … Continue reading

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Kanaye Nagasawa and the other Asian Americans who built California Wine Country

Asian Americans are generally not associated with California Wine Country, but they were key players in getting it established.  Chinese laborers built and worked in Sonoma’s oldest winery, Buena Vista Winery, as well as planting millions of grapevines between 1856 … Continue reading

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CAAMFest 2024: Opening Night and Gala with ‘Admissions Granted’

This year’s opening night film was the documentary Admissions Granted: “In the run-up to the landmark Supreme Court case pitting Asian American plaintiffs against Harvard University, controversial legal strategist Edward Blum took direct aim at dismantling affirmative action, energizing activists … Continue reading

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AI Image Generators have problems with Asian Male White Female Relationships

As AI technology becomes more advanced, the technology can mimic human capabilities.  In addition, AI technology can mimic human biases, as a particular AI image generator has been reported by Mia Sato on The Verge to have problems generating images … Continue reading

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Pew Research Report: Discrimination Experiences Shape Most Asian Americans’ Lives

  By Angelina Chiang In the recent study conducted in 2023 by PEW Research about ongoing racism towards Asians and Asian Americans, there was clear and evident data that show how discriminatory attitudes and behaviors are still ongoing, despite many … Continue reading

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Heinlenville Park in San Jose commemorates a Historic San Jose Chinatown

Heilenville Park opened in October of last year in San Jose’s Japantown, but I only recently got around to seeing it for myself this past weekend.  The park is named after the Heilenville Chinatown that was located at the site. … Continue reading

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NYU Researchers Map Anti-Asian Bias and Xenophobia at State Level

Back in September, New York University (NYU) released this press release regarding a recent study: “The researchers found that Republican-majority and swing states showed indications of greater stereotyping of Asian-born and Asian Americans, with European Americans more likely to see … Continue reading

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SVAPFF 2023: ‘A Great Divide’ – Q&A and Review (Spoilers)

A few weeks ago, I attended my first screening at the Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest (SVAPFF), the 9th and most recent edition of the festival. I was eager to see the independent film A Great Divide, as I had … Continue reading

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Asian American Books that have been Banned in the Past Few Years

Asian America for Advancing Justice (AAJC) has published a list of Asian American books that have been banned over the past few years. Some are children books that I found hard to find any real problem, such as Grace Lin‘s … Continue reading

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“$110 Million” CEO Kiwi Camara leaves his Company CS Disco

Filipino American Kiwi Camara made the news earlier this summer for being one of 10 US CEOs receiving a pay package valued at than $110 million in 2022. The latest news is that he has suddenly left his company CS … Continue reading

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28% Asian American Admissions Disadvantage to Selective Colleges

While Harvard is being sued by for its legacy admissions policy, a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) shows that Asian applicants to a set of highly selective colleges have a 28% disadvantage compared to white … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Targets One of Harvard’s Last Bastions of Affirmative Action – Legacies

After losing its affirmative action case in the US Supreme Court, Harvard is seeing one of its last bastions of affirmative action – legacy admissions – become the target of a lawsuit. Lawyers for Civil Rights filed the civil rights … Continue reading

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