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Chinese Women Crave Bill Gates’ Sperm

I tried coming up with a clever title for this article. But, well, do I really need something more attention grabbing than that? (I ripped it off from the source.) According to Weird Asia News: [China’s ‘Self’ magazine] asked 1000 … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Donate to 2008 Candidates

In the most recent National Public Radio / KQED’s Pacific Time program, Vanessa Hua reports “Asian Americans Donate to 2008 Candidates.” In the past, Asian Americans have not been particularly politically active, especially through donating money to candidates. This is … Continue reading

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Someone please explain…

…why I can’t stop playing this old game based on an adult PC game: NANACA†CRASH Game. Nanaca†Crash is a Flash game which uses characters from an adult PC game called Cross†Channel (warning, link is not work safe). Nanaca†Crash is not … Continue reading

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Um, you don’t get it, do you?

So I was browsing through the TIME Quotes of the Day slideshow and caught the following quote: “All those descriptions are obviously contrary to the facts, belittling ourselves and confusing the national identity.” Taiwanese newspaper Liberty Times praising the government’s … Continue reading

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The Sensuous Woman: Margaret Cho’s new work-in-progress

If you’ve been following Margaret Cho’s blog for a while, you’ll know she’s really gotten into belly dancing and burlesque performances. If you’re in L.A., you can catch her new work-in-progress prior to her New York Engagement as she presents … Continue reading

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commemorate, bitches: i-hotel home week

as some of you gentle readers out there are perhaps aware, august 4th of this year marks the 30th anniversary of san francisco’s chinatown/manilatown I-Hotel eviction. today, july 26th, starts off the week dubbed “I-Hotel Home Week” by the Manilatown … Continue reading

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Inmates version of Jacko’s Thriller

Filed under ‘Things I learned from watching television‘ comes the latest YouTube spectacle making its rounds over the internet. It’s the CPDRC inmates (Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center) dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller – and you can tell they’ve … Continue reading

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POP 88 – Eps 10 – AM/PM Edition

Thanks to everyone at the Dim Sum Karaoke Idol. I had a great time despite being booed at for my constructive comments – (oh well, someone has to be the bad guy) Music from Uhm Jung Hwa, S.H.E, Koda Kumi … Continue reading

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How Much Do You Love Ramen?

I love Japanese ramen. Love it. And now, I can be it! Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a spa theme park located in Hakone, has just unveiled a new themed bath. The new themed bath is… yes! A bowl of ramen noodle … Continue reading

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The Top 6 Asian Reality Stars That Make Me Cringe

Aaah, reality television. It’s not truly reality, you know. It’s unscripted, sure, but there are camera crews, a director which calls the camera shots, a team of editors that take hours of real footage to be carefully crafted into 30-minute … Continue reading

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Nearing 4 Billion Asians…There Must Be Some Good Artists

This is the tagline of, “the Asia drawing portal.” As Ernie said when he provided the link, “who knew such a thing existed?” Prepare to spend some time on the site if you are a fan of illustration. This … Continue reading

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Beijing Cardboard-Stuffed Buns a Hoax

Last week a Beijing news reporter reported that steamed buns sold in some of the neighborhoods in Beijing were actually chemically soaked card board mixed with pork fat. This week he is in jail for making up the story. I … Continue reading

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