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Spring Waltz Caption This Round 3 Contest Winners!

Regarding these entries: enough with the Rain references already! I know you’re pissed with his concert being overpriced and then canceled – in any case, to ease your concerns, he’s apparently going to make up for it – at some … Continue reading

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POP 88 – Eps 9 – AM/PM Edition

Thanks for all who wrote in! New music this week from Ayumi Hamasaki and Fly To the Sky, plus some old skool … really OLD SKOOL Kpop requests with contest winners announced for Round 3 of the Spring Waltz Caption … Continue reading

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Dear Internets: This site has been redesigned!

So yeah, read the subject line. The new website design is a tad bit prettier than the old one, no? You can thank illustrator supreme Ki Han for all this prettiness, while yours truly actually coded the site together. I’m … Continue reading

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9 year old boy drives away from kidnappers

Now I’ve seen Home Alone and most of the sequels, but this tops it. How many asian kids do you know, who can drive at the age of 9, from their own kidnappers. I’m sure they are going to put … Continue reading

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Your iLife – Made in Taiwan

In July 18th’s The New York Times article, ” Silent Hands Behind the iPhone,” the article describes that the iPhone, along with a lot of today’s modern technological conveniences, are manufactured in Taiwan. Not only the iPhone, but broadband modems, … Continue reading

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Racism and Context

Comments continue to pour trickle in regarding Mister Wong, the Offensive Social Bookmarking Portal. One commenter seems to be offended by the “PC BS” we “Amerians” [sic] are spreading all over the world. Various people have chimed in, stating that … Continue reading

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Green Card Status Forces PhD Grad Into Pizza Boy

Picture this: you’re born in Asia, move to the US when you’re two, graduate from a US college, then have to take a $5.50/hr off-the-books job and live in fear of deportation because you’re not a US citizen. If you’re … Continue reading

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The Asian/Asian-American Hollywood (AAAH) Report: Chow Yun-Fat and John Woo do NOT *heart* each other.

“Most things go in and out of style – that is with the exception of war of course.” –Johnny Wong, Hardboiled (1992) A couple of months ago, I reported that Chow Yun-Fat was returning to John Woo’s Chinese epic BATTLE … Continue reading

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Is too much self-esteem bad for you?

Andrew Lam of New American Media has an interesting article on Alternet about the self-esteem movement that could be considered kind of a counterpoint to J. Peter’s recent post about the sometimes insanity-inducing pressure some Asian kids feel to be … Continue reading

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Quick Link: China Executes Former Food Regulator

The New York Times (along with every other major media outlet) reports that China’s former food and drug regulator Zheng Xiaoyu was executed today, after being convicted of accepting bribes to approve untested medicine. According to the article, the sentence … Continue reading

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War with… China?

“I am convinced that if it had not been for 9/11, we would be in a military showdown with China today.” Wow, um, WHAT?? That’s a quote from Gary Hart, in reference to a discussion raised by Lynne Cheney, wife … Continue reading

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My Daily Encounters

so not too long ago i was riding the #3 train south out of Harlem, staring into my ipod the way all new yorkers do, when i was rudely interrupted by a scuzzy frizzy-haired hobo screaming at the top of … Continue reading

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