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J. Peter is a rogue masters student from The University of Chicago and is roughly 2 pints shy of a quart. He hopes to someday pursue doctoral work at the intersection of the philosophy of technology, queer theory, visual culture, and aesthetics. He supports a number of special interest groups such as: Feral Children Awareness Inc., The Lindsay Lohan Meets Robert Downey jr. Fan Blog, and the Postpartum Psychosis: Not Just For Northern Virginians listserv J. Peter is also a semi-professional avant-pop homosexualist with offices in Harlem, Morningside Heights, and Brooklyn. He encourages all Asian Americans, even the ugly straight ones, to do their best to fight the power, even if it means test scores will plummet.

Admissions, Decisions

I have nothing queer to say as of late, life as a berliniamsburg hipster douchebag (lies, i live in harlem) has kept me so busy i’ve dropped my finger off the pulse of the map. Foreign affairs? Public sphere? Ahmadinejads? … Continue reading

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My Daily Encounters

so not too long ago i was riding the #3 train south out of Harlem, staring into my ipod the way all new yorkers do, when i was rudely interrupted by a scuzzy frizzy-haired hobo screaming at the top of … Continue reading

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Quick Note From the Enemy Frontlines

remember that story last month about asian posergurrll at stanford? well ridiculous shit is happening in the chink community. some of you more responsible non-violent types might be appalled. me? i’m glad, because it’s about goddamn time people realized how … Continue reading

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In the Name of the Father: The Search for Asian Male Role Models

last night, after cursing myself for not having snatched up the domain name during the nascent years of online social networking, i lay in bed mulling over ponderous existential questions about modernity, identity, and the dying light of french … Continue reading

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An Introduction

hello, intarweb. hello world! I had wanted very much for my inaugural post here to be in response to something substantial. Unfortunately i’ve been so exhausted as of late that i’ve been unable to come up with much of anything. … Continue reading

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Cho ’nuff: The Sky’s the Limit

(this was originally posted in my personal blog in April 2007) this washington post article actually asks some interesting questions. they are good questions, ones i have no answers to. the question i have to extend is one about boundaries, … Continue reading

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