Quick Note From the Enemy Frontlines

remember that story last month about asian posergurrll at stanford?

well ridiculous shit is happening in the chink community.

some of you more responsible non-violent types might be appalled. me? i’m glad, because it’s about goddamn time people realized how fucked up asian families are with their “you must getting in top ten school or should slitting wrists” attitude. (the severity of the tactic attesting of course not only to the extent of the guy’s dementia, but also the extremity of internal cultural pressure. if you think MIT is a “pressure cooker,” you should send in an application to the institution that is chinkdom)

i mean y’all whities think it’s just an exaggerated prep school attitude, but O SRSLY it is so much more

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J. Peter is a rogue masters student from The University of Chicago and is roughly 2 pints shy of a quart. He hopes to someday pursue doctoral work at the intersection of the philosophy of technology, queer theory, visual culture, and aesthetics. He supports a number of special interest groups such as: Feral Children Awareness Inc., The Lindsay Lohan Meets Robert Downey jr. Fan Blog, and the Postpartum Psychosis: Not Just For Northern Virginians listserv J. Peter is also a semi-professional avant-pop homosexualist with offices in Harlem, Morningside Heights, and Brooklyn. He encourages all Asian Americans, even the ugly straight ones, to do their best to fight the power, even if it means test scores will plummet.
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