POP 88 – June 24/07 Vol.1 Eps. 8

So sorry for the time between shows – I was actually on a very long vacation – listen to the podcast to see where I went!

This edition of POP 88 has your requests, plus new music from Clazziquai, J and Crystal Kay plus winners announced from the Round 2 of the SPRING WALTZ Caption This! contest.

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[ ] translation ( ) romanization

1. Distance – Will W
Connection (2007) – Warner Chappell

2. 눈물로 [A Tear] feat. 이정 (Lee Jung) – 재이(J)
눈물로 (single)(2007) – Seoul Records

3. 눈물에길을 묻른다 [Burying My Face In Tears] – 장나라 (Jang Nara)
First Story (2001) – One Up Entertainment

4. 사랑 부르기 [Calling out Love] – 장나라 (Jang Nara)
She (2007) – Warner Music Korea

5. [Love Ain’t Far Away] feat. Tina Chu – Will W – Mandarin version
Connection (2007) – Warner Chappell

6. Move On – Moulann
Spirals and Mazes (2006) – Independent

7. Rising Sun – DBSK
Rising Sun (2005) – SM Entertainment

8. Bad Drive – BoA
Sweet Impact (single)(2007) – SM Entertainment

9. あなたのそばで (Anata no Soba de) – Crystal Kay
All Yours (2007) – Epic Records

10. Connections – Will W
Connection (2007) – Warner Chappell

11. Love Revolution – 휸영(Hyun Young)
Love Revolution (single) (2007) – EMI Music Korea

12. 서투른 사랑 (Mojo House Remix)[Awkward Love] – 채연(Chae Yeon)
My Love – (2007) – Best Music

13. Loverboy – Clazziquai Project
Love Child of the Century – Seoul Records

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