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Shyamalan on ‘The Last Airbender’ Casting Controversy

With the summer 2010 release of Avatar The Last Airbender, the controversy over the white washed casting continues with director M. Night Shyamalan finally speaking out during recent press interviews… and seems to completely miss the point. Granted, anyone is … Continue reading

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Silence Equals Death

By Ken As APIs, there are many of us who have been raised in families who would rather die than let family secrets out into the open. Invariably, extended family members somehow find out. The omnipresent veil of secrecy incites … Continue reading

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Links: The Census and SROs, Indian Jews, Cruise Ships

The San Francisco Postal Service Should Be Ashamed It Won’t Deliver to Single-Room Occupancy Tenants. (SF Citizen) Twilight comes for India’s fading Jewish community. (CNN) Gay Cruise Ships are starting to dock in Asian ports, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. … Continue reading

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ESPN: Dark History – Santa Anita Park’s Japanese Internment Days

The other day, I was flipping the channels to watch some NCAA March Madness highlights when I caught the tail end of this story on ESPN about Santa Anita Park, a horse racetrack in Arcadia, California. For six months, Santa … Continue reading

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[Mar 31] NORTHERN CA: Growing Up Asian Panel in Palo Alto

Wednesday’s panel will include City Councilman Yiaway Yeh and Palo Alto High School teacher Arne Lim, both of whom grew up in Palo Alto, and students from Paly and Gunn. Klausner, Palo Alto PTA member Sunny Dykwel and Board of Education member Dana Tom will moderate a discussion of issues related to the city’s growing Asian population. The event is “Growing Up Asian in Palo Alto,” a presentation by the Palo Alto PTA Council.

All people, regardless of race, are invited to attend and participate,… Continue reading

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[Apr 1] SOUTHERN CA: ITASA 2010 West Coast Conference

The Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association is a non-profit organization providing events and resources that explore and celebrate Taiwanese American identity in order to inspire, empower, and activate its community. ITASA is most notable for its regional conferences which take place in the West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest each year. Each school goes through a rigorous bidding process of having the privilege to host their region’s conference at their campus. West Coast schools… Continue reading

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Guy Asks Whether Asian or White Drunk Girls are More Annoying

34 year old Philip Huang is a self-described performance artist out of Berkeley, California, described by the East Bay Express as having “a special talent for digesting life and creating spectacle.” Yep, “creating spectacle” would be an accurate way to … Continue reading

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[Apr 1] NORTHERN CA: Macho Bravado

Asian American Theater Company’s world premiere of “Macho Bravado” by Alex Park. A Korean American soldier has returned from fighting in the Middle East to find a greater battle at home over his love, his identity and his masculinity. Confronted with questions of infidelity and self-doubt he and his wife struggle to maintain the macho bravado that defined their relationship before the war. This is a story that goes beyond the post-traumatic stress that a soldier and his wife experience, and vent… Continue reading

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On Leadership

By Ken As I continue work with the API community, red flags come up with certain people’s behavior — that too comfy-ness. On Lost, the mysterious character Dogen speaks through a Japanese translator. When it is revealed that he speaks … Continue reading

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Charice Pempengco’s single “Pyramid” Gets Radio Airplay

“Dad, turn up the radio!” said Number One Son.   I did, and while I heard Iyaz, there was a woman singing too.  “She’s from the Philippines,” added my son.  It turns out the the woman was Filipino singer Charice Pempengco.  … Continue reading

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Links: Cosplay Performances, NYC Eats

A cosplay performer plays on the edge of reality (SF Public Press) A Google Map of the best Chinese bakeries and restaurants in NYC’s Chinatown. (via Stan and Jenny8Lee) The Definitive History of Asian Men Dating Outside Their Race (Complex) … Continue reading

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Asian Food in the San Gabriel Valley

I was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley (SGV). Continue reading

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