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Asian-Americans Lead Shift to Multi-Generational Households

“You’ll me miss when I am gone!” shouted The Daughter at her brothers.   “No we won’t!” they replied in chorus.    The Daughter, currently a junior in high school, was looking ahead at moving away to go to college.   This … Continue reading

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POP 88 #40 – Non-Stop Trance Mix

Grab Your Glowsticks! This was at the request of Cassandra who wanted to hear a para-trance/ eurobeat show. Since there are so many forms of trance music and everyone has their own opinion on it, I came up with this … Continue reading

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The 8Asians Writers Talk About: Asians and Sleep

Our internal e-mail lists have us discussing all kinds of stuff: Asian American identity, representation in the media, the experiences of activism in an academia setting and its progression as we transition to the working, adult world. And sometimes, we … Continue reading

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Links: Brains and Cultures, that Asian Guy from Mythbusters & Anime Body Pillows

How Different Cultures Shape the Brain [Newsweek] Indian Students Wield Tests for College Spots [NYT] Golfer Michelle Wie is growing up and settling down [LAT] Grant Imahara from MythBusters on busting myths and building robots [Smart Planet] Korean Man Is … Continue reading

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[Mar 28] NORTHERN CA: American’s Failure to Protect Human Rights in Taiwan (Past, Present, and Future)

American’s Failure to Protect Human Rights in Taiwan (Past, Present, and Future)

Presentation by Michael Richardson

Date: March 28, 2010 (Sunday) 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Location: Taiwanese American Center-Northern California

4413 Fortran Court, San Jose, CA 95134
Sponsor: Taiwanese American Center-NC

Admission: Free

Information Contacts: John Hsieh (510) 784-7341; Taiwanese American Center-NC (408) 263-7188


Michael Richardson is a freelance journalist and independent political cons… Continue reading

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Ching Chong Chinaman

I highly recommend all you folks in Seattle and its nearby vicinities to check out this production of Ching Chong Chinaman at the Richard Hugo House, running from March 26 to April 24. I won two tickets to watch this … Continue reading

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Japanese American Gunman Charged in Teacher’s Slaying

A lawyer representing a 54-year-old Japanese man who was charged Tuesday in the fatal shooting of a Pasadena art college instructor said his client had become upset after hearing his wife subjected to “a racial and sexual slur.” The charged … Continue reading

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Fist Pumping to Lyrics Born and Joyo Velarde at SXSW

South by Southwest is one of the most prominent indie music extravaganza in the nation – maybe even the world. Actually, Austin is considered “The Live Music Capital of the World” so the latter is probably more accurate. Having lived … Continue reading

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Are Asian American men really small, or just insecure?

As most of you have noticed by now, I’m always interested in posting stuff about Asian American (straight) men’s issues and the rather annoying paradox of representation in American media: Asian American men bitch about not being represented in the … Continue reading

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[Mar 27] SOUTHERN CA: No-No Boy: A New Play by Ken Narasaki, based on the John Okada Novel

1946. Seattle, Washington. A Japanese American draft resister is released from prison and returns home to find nothing is as it once was. He struggles to piece together his war torn world.

Ken Narasaki’s stage adaptation of John Okada’s ground breaking novel No-No Boy is scheduled for its world premiere March 27, 2010. Originally published in 1957, the novel was re-discovered and republished in 1976 and has since become a staple of Asian American studies programs in universities across the coun… Continue reading

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ChannelAPA: Interview with Andrea Lwin talks with Andrea Lwin from the Slanted web series, which offer a satirical look at an Asian American female trying to break into acting. It’s never easy to get that “big break” when it seems everything is against you … Continue reading

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George Takei’s New Sharp Commercial: Funny or Offensive?

I normally ignore 99% of electronics ads on TV, not only because I have no use for most of its products, but I can’t afford them and most of the technology goes right over my head. It’s hard to ignore … Continue reading

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