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Linda Chan lives in New York City. She is interested in all issues Asian, particularly Asians in media and entertainment. She watches what some would consider an unhealthy amount of TV and blogs her sometimes snarky thoughts here:

Nikita Star Maggie Q a Crowd-Pleaser at CW Upfront

Yesterday, I attended the CW network upfront, which is a major annual event where the TV networks reveal their fall schedules. The CW was the last of the Big 5 networks to present and as you have probably heard by now, … Continue reading

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Star in an Asian American Jersey Shore

I am one of the millions of Americans who has seen each and every sorry episode of Jersey Shore. I was horrified at some of the antics of Snooki, The Situation and friends, yet I couldn’t tear my eyeballs away. … Continue reading

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George Takei’s New Sharp Commercial: Funny or Offensive?

I normally ignore 99% of electronics ads on TV, not only because I have no use for most of its products, but I can’t afford them and most of the technology goes right over my head. It’s hard to ignore … Continue reading

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Historic March for LGBTs in NYC’s Lunar New Year Parade

For the first time in the parade’s 11-year history, an LGBT group was allowed to march in the annual Lunar New Year Parade and Festival, which took place Sunday in New York City’s Chinatown. About 300 gays and their supporters … Continue reading

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Maggie Q for La Femme Nikita TV Reboot?

Of course, three days after I blog about the lack of Asians in lead roles on TV, a friend sent me a recent article about Maggie Q being in talks to star as the female assassin lead in the CW’s remake … Continue reading

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Searching for Asian-American Actors On TV

It’s TV pilot season, which means the networks are loading up on new projects they’d like to pursue in hopes of finding the next hit series. Since I work in TV research, I hear pilot news on a regular basis. … Continue reading

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Daniel Dae Kim To Star In Hawaii Five-O Remake

Lost star Daniel Dae Kim is going to star in CBS’ upcoming Hawaii Five-O remake. He will play Detective Chin Ho Kelly, in the role originated by Kam Fong. I gave up on Lost after the first season, but I … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Measures: Another Case of Yellowface in Hollywood

When I first saw the movie poster for Extraordinary Measures, starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, I had no idea what it was about. I guessed Harrison Ford played some kind of heroic character, but beyond that, I had no … Continue reading

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Juju Chang to Replace Chris Cuomo at Good Morning America

Breaking news: According to the NY Post and, Juju Chang will replace Chris Cuomo as newsreader on ABC’s Good Morning America. Cuomo is reportedly leaving the morning news show, though no word yet on whether he will remain with … Continue reading

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New Study: Three-quarters of South Korean Adoptees Identify As White

For those of us who were not adopted, we can only begin to imagine what it would be like to be raised in a culture completely different from the one we were born into, but this may give us some … Continue reading

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Racist Confrontation Between NYC Traffic Agent and Chinese Man

It’s hard to believe that this sort of thing still happens, and yet, here it is: earlier this week in Manhattan’s Chinatown, traffic agent Twana Chapman was about to put a parking ticket on a car when the owner, Qiang … Continue reading

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Mandarin, not Cantonese, Becoming the Language of Manhattan’s Chinatown

I grew up in Manhattan’s Chinatown. My family speak Toisanese (or Taishanese), which is a version of the more commonly known Cantonese. As far as I knew, everyone in Chinatown spoke either Canton or Toisan, or both. But not Mandarin. … Continue reading

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