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Linda Chan lives in New York City. She is interested in all issues Asian, particularly Asians in media and entertainment. She watches what some would consider an unhealthy amount of TV and blogs her sometimes snarky thoughts here:

American Dad Jailed in Japan for Trying to Bring Kids Home

Earlier this year, a New Jersey dad fought to get his son back from Brazil from his ex-wife’s family. Now, a similarly heart-breaking scenario is playing out–this time, in Japan. Christopher Savoie is sitting in jail right now because he … Continue reading

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Runoff Election Tonight in NYC: John C. Liu Vs. David Yassky for City Comptroller

Tonight, after I get off work, I will be casting my vote for New York City comptroller in the runoff election between city councilmen John C. Liu and David Yassky. As previously blogged about here on 8Asians, Liu received the … Continue reading

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Whitening Skin Creams and the “Lighter is Better” Ideology

In Pakistan and India, there is a new TV ad featuring a dark-skinned man talking to a light-skinned man. The dark-skinned man proclaims he is unlucky because of his face, and the light-skinned man says it’s not his face, it’s … Continue reading

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East Asians, Westerners, and Facial Expressions

According to a new study done by Glasgow University in Scotland, East Asians and Westerners may read facial expressions completely differently — Asians might look at a face and see surprise, while Westerners would look at the same face and … Continue reading

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Japanese Dolphin-Hunting Exposed in New Documentary

I can’t wait to see the new documentary The Cove, about dolphin hunting in Taijii, Japan. Here is the description from Sundance Film Festival: “…the town has a dark, horrifying secret that it doesn’t want the rest of the world … Continue reading

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Three-quarters of Minority Lawyers Quit Within 5 Years

A new study finds that more than 75% of minority lawyers working in law firms quit within five years. Women’s research group Catalyst conducted the study, which stated the following: “Those who leave often report experiencing institutional discrimination and unwanted … Continue reading

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Asian Steroid Use on the Rise in the UK

I thought geeks were in. You’ve got The Big Bang Theory. Chuck. Doctor Who. All featuring skinny nerds who get the girl (or in the case of Doctor Who, the “companion”). So why are more and more Asian guys in … Continue reading

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The Onion’s Chinese Edition

Most of us have read articles from The Onion, the organization that publishes fake news stories with a satirical spin. But did you know there is a Chinese version of The Onion? A quick peek at today’s homepage reveals headlines … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Saving a Bigger Portion of their Retirement Salary

I am a member of Generation Y, also known as the Millennials (those born between 1980 and 1995, or thereabouts). By all estimates, Social Security funds will run out by 2037, a few years before I retire. Dire news, and … Continue reading

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U.S. Births Hint at Bias for Boys in Asian Families

The Fiancé and I have talked about how many kids we want, and what names we’ll call them. We have more girl names than boy names, mainly because in my opinion, girl names are a lot more fun to think … Continue reading

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