Asian Steroid Use on the Rise in the UK

bodybuilderI thought geeks were in.

You’ve got The Big Bang Theory. Chuck. Doctor Who. All featuring skinny nerds who get the girl (or in the case of Doctor Who, the “companion”). So why are more and more Asian guys in the UK* bulking up on steroids? Beats me.

According to the BBC, one needle exchange center saw the number of Asian customers jump from 5% to between 25 and 30%. Most of them use the centers to take steroids. One of them, a guy named Abu, has been using them for eight years. He says he wants “the six-pack, the biceps and the big calves.” What happened to good old-fashioned weight-lifting and running? And what about the whole impotence thing? What good is a great body if it means you end up shooting blanks?

To the skinny Asian guys out there, I assure you, chemical-free is a very attractive attribute. Even if you wear glasses and quote Star Trek.

* Keep in mind, in the UK, “Asian” refers to those of South Asian origin, like Indians and Pakistanis.

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Linda Chan lives in New York City. She is interested in all issues Asian, particularly Asians in media and entertainment. She watches what some would consider an unhealthy amount of TV and blogs her sometimes snarky thoughts here:
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