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American Born Chinese: Jin & Amelia

This blog post contains spoilers.

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C100 & Columbia University: The State of Chinese Americans

Recently, the Committee of 100 and Columbia University published a report on “The State of Chinese Americans”: “New York, NY (April 27, 2023) – Columbia University’s School of Social Work, one of the world’s leading research universities, and Committee of 100, … Continue reading

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‘The Farewell,’ starring Awkwafina, Opens Nationwide August 2nd

To be honest, I was not really aware of the film ‘The Farewell‘ prior to a week to its opening in Los Angeles and New York City (opening July 12th), when I started seeing #GoldOpen type postings in those cities.  … Continue reading

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Filipino Kinship Terms and their Confusing Translation into English

Number One Son has a “nephew” who is also a college student in Boston. When I mentioned this to my brother, he couldn’t understand how Number One Son could be the “uncle” of someone who is the same age and … Continue reading

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‘Dr. Ken’ & ‘FOTB’ – Watershed Moments for Asian Americans Adolescents on TV

With the end of the 2016 – 2017 traditional broadcast network television season ending, it’s been an amazing season for Asian Americans – with two Asian American family show sitcoms into their second and third seasons with Dr. Ken and Fresh … Continue reading

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Dishwashers vs. Hand-washing – Which is More Efficient?

In a recent episode of Fresh Off The Boat, Evan goes over to a white friend’s home for a family lunch, and is shocked to learn that the real use of a dishwasher is not to be used as a … Continue reading

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Revisiting the question of whether Filipinos are Asians or Pacific Islanders

Are Filipinos Asians or Pacific Islanders?  That is a question we dealt with on 8asians a long time ago, and most questionnaires and surveys put Filipinos into the Asian category.  The question does come up peridiocally, as the Fung brothers … Continue reading

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#SubmitToHate and “ThankYouDonald” on Instagram is documenting social media accounts of #WhiteLash

I am just going to link to ThankYouDonald and let the posts speak for themselves. The account description is: Thank You, Donald. Bearing witness to the #WhiteLash. Contribute photos/screenshots by tagging them with #SubmitToHate. I wish this account didn’t need … Continue reading

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The 2016 US Election is over. What is your reaction?

I feel that this is a good time for us to revisit one of the original goals of 8Asians– to hear the diverse voices and opinions from our multifaceted communities of Asian Americans/Asian Canadians/Asian Australians/English speaking Asians from around the … Continue reading

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3 Things “Enlightened” White People Can Stop Saying

By Sophia Chang So you’re an enlightened, non-racist, totally conscious white person. In that case, you can stop saying these 3 things: 1) “My husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/superPCterm is Fill-in-the-Color so I get it.” You know how when skinny people talk about how … Continue reading

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ICYMI: NYTimes: Open Season on Jeremy Lin? In Video, Fan Highlights Hard Fouls

If you read, you’ve probably already come across a Jeremy Lin fan video highlighting the injustices against opponents flagrantly fouling him titled, Jeremy Lin: Too Flagrant Not to Call and his opponents not getting called a foul. I’ve watched … Continue reading

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Indiegogo: Before Tinder, there was the Taiwan Love Boat

There’s a new Indigogo fundraising for a documentary about the “Love Boat” – titled “Before Tinder, there was the Taiwan Love Boat”– asking for contributions of $20 to $5,000, with various levels of rewards for your level of contribution. And … Continue reading

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