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Poker Player Maria Ho Almost Gets Eliminated on The Amazing Race

Earlier this summer, it was rumored that Taiwanese American Maria Ho and her teammate Tiffany Michelle were going to be contestants on this season of The Amazing Race when a fan spotted her at LAX. This past Sunday, the rumor … Continue reading

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American Dad Jailed in Japan for Trying to Bring Kids Home

Earlier this year, a New Jersey dad fought to get his son back from Brazil from his ex-wife’s family. Now, a similarly heart-breaking scenario is playing out–this time, in Japan. Christopher Savoie is sitting in jail right now because he … Continue reading

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YouTube: Chinese Southern Belles Explain Haw Flakes and Pineapple Cake

Ever since Debbie Lee made a, uhm, less than stellar attempt at becoming The Next Food Network Star, there’s been a noticeable lack of Asian Americans from the South talking about food. Enter Natalie and Margaret Keng, a mother and … Continue reading

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Empire State Building Marks China’s Anniversary

China is marking its 60th anniversary of the current communist government and 8Asians covered the celebration in a previous blog post. In a move that has received criticism, the Empire State Building is joining the celebration by lighting up in … Continue reading

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Definitive New 35mm Restoration of RASHOMON at LA’s Nuart

I try not to take for granted the vast number of cool events that happen in Los Angeles. I know that a screening of an almost 60 year-old Japanese movie doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that you can … Continue reading

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Drops the Jon

TLC has recently announced that they’re refashioning the series Jon & Kate Plus 8, reducing half-Korean dad Jon Gosselin to a minor role in the series after their recent divorce. You know, when it’s the year 2019 and we’re watching … Continue reading

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Should We Let Giant Pandas Go Extinct?

Over at Sina and Chinasmack, people are reacting to the remarks from English naturalist, nature photographer, BBC television presenter and author Chris Packham when he said that humans should not spend vast amounts of money to protect giant pandas, but … Continue reading

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Runoff Election Tonight in NYC: John C. Liu Vs. David Yassky for City Comptroller

Tonight, after I get off work, I will be casting my vote for New York City comptroller in the runoff election between city councilmen John C. Liu and David Yassky. As previously blogged about here on 8Asians, Liu received the … Continue reading

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Is Kimchi Still Kimchi Without the Smell?

As far back as I can remember, kimchi (김치) has had a role in my daily diet. Our family ate it with every meal and perhaps it was this constant presence that made me unaware of the aroma that came … Continue reading

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Watching TV on a Sony Bravia HDTV can improve my Chinese?

A loyal reader pointed us to this latest Sony commercial. In an ever-increasing field of HDTV manufacturers, Sony has been making the case that it’s worth buying their brand and claims, “You can’t fake Sony quality. It makes watching sports … Continue reading

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L.A.: Second Annual ID Film Festival this week in Little Tokyo

The second annual ID Film Festival, dedicated to contemporary digital films that explore and celebrate identity within the diverse Asian/Pacific Islander community, will present an international and local lineup of films this coming week/end, October 1-3 at the National Center … Continue reading

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Killer of Filipino Postman Renounces Racist Beliefs

In 1999, Buford Furrow shot and killed Filipino-American Postman Joseph Ileto and went on a rampage at a Jewish Community Center, wounding three children, a 16 year-old camp counselor, and an adult staff member.   Furrow recently expressed remorse over his … Continue reading

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