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Brooklyn Nets launch Chinese language web site

The Brooklyn Nets recently launched a Chinese language version of their website – http://www.nba.com/nets/cn – which is not a big surprise given that the NBA’s only Taiwanese American player, Jeremy Lin, plays for the Nets, as reported recently: “The site appears … Continue reading

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‘Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion’ Exhibition Opens in NY

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awuVO7unZA4 If you want a really quick run-down of Chinese American history, you can read this article on the exhibit in New York City, brought to you by the New York Historical Society, featured in the New York Times. Entitled … Continue reading

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Chinese Railroad Workers Inducted into the U.S. Labor Hall of Honor & Reclaiming Promontory Point

On May 9th, history was made as the Chinese Railroad Workers were inducted into the U.S. Labor Hall of Honor. You can view the entire ceremony on the Department of Labor’s YouTube channel. If you don’t happen to know: “But … Continue reading

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Chinese American Author Wakes Up Chinese Girl Power

I sat down with Joy Chen, a Los Angeles based author, weeks ago for a story I am working on, which is about Chinese “leftover women,” a Chinese social phenomenon stigmatizing educated, urban and single women over age 27. Chen … Continue reading

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8Asians Chats With…The Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival

The Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival celebrates its Sweet 16th birthday Nov 6-11 in Toronto and Nov 16-17 in Richmond Hill. I sat with Aram Siu-Wai Collier, the Director of Programming for this year’s festival to go over some of … Continue reading

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Memorial To Be Placed at Oregon’s Chinese Massacre Cove

On May 25, 1887, a group of up to 34 Chinese miners were massacred by a group of white frontiersmen in Hells Canyon in a section of the Snake River now officially known as Chinese Massacre Cove. After robbing them … Continue reading

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Richest Self-Made Woman is Chinese

Not Oprah? What? This can’t be! But no, quite on the contrary, it seems that the richest woman in the world happens to be Wu Yanjun, executive director of Longfor Properties Co., who has a net worth of $6.6 billion. … Continue reading

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The Red Dawn Remake To Be Released in 2012

After nearly two years of stalling, the Red Dawn remake has finally found a distributor willing to take on this film, after MGM emerged from bankruptcy in 2009 and deciding not to release it.  FilmDistrict, an independent studio, is finalizing … Continue reading

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Chinese Mother Chains Mentally Ill Son For 23 Years

I don’t know what to make of this story about a Chinese mother who has kept her mentally ill son chained up for 23 years. You really don’t think that anyone would ever do something like this, but basically the … Continue reading

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Chinese Premier Confident on US Outlook

Food for thought from the New York Times: The Chinese Premier is meeting with US counterparts and talking as if the US economic smackdown is just a passing phase. Amusingly, this carries a little bit of bias, considering that the … Continue reading

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Spanish vs. Chinese: Which is the Next Language to Learn?

“Dad, what language should I take?” asked Number One Son, as he filled out online enrollment forms for high school.   “Spanish or Mandarin?” Indeed, that is a question that others have asked.  Nicholas Kristof asked the question in an Op-ed … Continue reading

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Is Disney Remaking Snow White with a Chinese Warrior Theme?

I just caught word that Disney is attempting to make a live-action version of their beloved classic Snow White but this time, it’s going to be set in 19th century China. The plot goes like this: A 19th century Englishwoman who … Continue reading

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