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Taiwanese Americans Cannot Hold Their Liquor

When I saw this article on 47% of Taiwan’s poulation lacks alcohol-metabolizing gene posted on Facebook and read the details, I laughed, since it is pretty common that Asians often do get the “Asian flush”.  ALDH2 is an alcohol-metabolizing gene and if … Continue reading

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Din Tai Fung Opening Inside Westfield Santa Anita Mall in California

So I was a bit pre-occupied at the time and did not blog when the news that Din Tai Fung was opening a new restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area at  San Jose’s Westfield Valley Fair Mall – slated for opening … Continue reading

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Remembering 228: My First Lesson at the Taiwanese American Foundation (TAF) Summer Camp

This piece was written for the youth participants and alumni of the Taiwanese American Foundation (TAF), the oldest summer conference serving people of Taiwanese heritage. It was originally published at the TAF website and has been republished here with permission. … Continue reading

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8Asians Chats With…The Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival

The Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival celebrates its Sweet 16th birthday Nov 6-11 in Toronto and Nov 16-17 in Richmond Hill. I sat with Aram Siu-Wai Collier, the Director of Programming for this year’s festival to go over some of … Continue reading

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Superstition: More Taiwanese Rushing to Tie the Knot Before Lunar New Year

Many couples in Taiwan are rushing to get married before the Chinese lunar new year, coming on January 26, 2009 in the Western calendar because they believe that next year will be an “unlucky” year in which to get married, since next year is marked as the “Gu-luan” year (similar to Western leap year in that there are two days marked for the arrival of spring). Continue reading

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POP 88 #24 – Reel Asian Film Festival

Brr, is it cold enough for you? (If you’re on the northeastern seaboard, that is.) Hopefully to warm you — or at least your ears — up, here is some new music from Anna Tsuchiya, Chemistry and Park Jung Ah. … Continue reading

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Taiwanese trucker runs over journalists

Sometimes I really wonder about how crazy politics has become. Funny thing, but I’ve always believed that politics has been two sides of the same coin. But things like this happen and you wonder what exactly goes through people’s minds. … Continue reading

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