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First Public Gay Wedding in South Korea

From the Korea Herald: Even though South Korea does not legally recognize hay marriages, “Film director and producer Kimjo Gwang-soo, 48, and 29-year-old Kim Seung-hwan, the head of gay film distributor Rainbow Factory, got married on a temporary stage built … Continue reading

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‘Do Not Marry Before Age 30’ Author Joy Chen is Misanthropic and Myopic

It is a truth universally acknowledged that [those who assume] a man in good fortune must be in want of a wife. Bullshit, I say, as I try to purge my mind from the insidious exposure I have had to … Continue reading

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Louisiana Justice Denies Interracial Marriage

A recent news item that has been gaining in momentum is the story of a Louisiana justice of peace Keith Bardwell who refuses to marry interracial couples for the sake of the children as he insists that interracial marriages tend … Continue reading

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Marie Claire Declares Asian Women as The New Trophy Wives

I was just sent this link from Marie Claire entitled The New Trophy Wives: Asian Women and the subhead reads: “Rupert Murdoch has one. So do financiers Vivi Nevo and Bruce Wasserstein. Why are the West’s most powerful men coupling … Continue reading

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Superstition: More Taiwanese Rushing to Tie the Knot Before Lunar New Year

Many couples in Taiwan are rushing to get married before the Chinese lunar new year, coming on January 26, 2009 in the Western calendar because they believe that next year will be an “unlucky” year in which to get married, since next year is marked as the “Gu-luan” year (similar to Western leap year in that there are two days marked for the arrival of spring). Continue reading

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