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Katherine Liu isn't sure what to do with a English degree. So far she's tried web designing, stand-up comedy and an ill-fated stint in modeling. Her mother says that girls like Katherine usually ends up as a lawyer or investment banker but she is much happier sucking on old soy sauce packets for sustenance. Katherine is especially interested in matters concerning Asian high school students as she remains in her heart (much to the dismay of her family and friends) eternally fifteen. Her interests include gothic fashion, girl-proof RPG video games, homoerotic theater, Brendan Fraser movies, and losing her dignity.

Louisiana Justice Denies Interracial Marriage

A recent news item that has been gaining in momentum is the story of a Louisiana justice of peace Keith Bardwell who refuses to marry interracial couples for the sake of the children as he insists that interracial marriages tend … Continue reading

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Interviewing Se7en: He Likes Them Countries That’s Hard to Get

Korea based popstar Se7en invited 8asian to his Manhattan crib for an interview on Friday. Very well known in both Korea and Japan, he is now ready to conquer the United States. Friday night, he held a concert at The Circle club in midtown which caters to a mostly Asian audience. Se7en is getting ready to release a full English album with well established guest stars such as Lil’Kim. 8asians met with him for some details, drinks and good times. Continue reading

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“Factory Girls” Teaching Western Women About Feminism

I recently came across the book Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China on Jezebel — my favorite feminist blog — and was surprised to not only see a mention of Asians, but a population of women … Continue reading

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