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Asian American Commercial Watch: Northwestern Mutual’s ‘Distant Relatives’

While watching the San Francisco 49ers defeat the Seattle Seahawks, I saw this Northwestern Mutual commercial (‘Distant Relatives’): “Someday is today. That’s the realization many people are having these days—what we’re calling The Great Realization. It’s time to finally do … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: This is the Avery’s

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry9Ugw0S4aA Asian Americans are in more and more TV commercials these days, but when I saw this Wells Fargo ad, it immediately caught my attention.  Rather than the familiar white man Asian woman couple commonly portrayed in commercials, it has … Continue reading

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Americans Overestimate Number of Asian Americans, Minorities, and Extent of Interracial Marriage

On Discover Magazine’s Gene Expressions blog, Razib Khan takes a look at how different groups of Americans perceive the number of Asian Americans and other minorities. He concludes that Americans consistently overestimate the number of minorities and underestimate the number … Continue reading

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NY Times Infographic: Who’s Marrying Whom?

Source: NY Times The NY Times ran an interesting infographic last week showing an interesting snapshot of mixed race marriages in America, and in particular of how prevalent mixed race marriages are in Asian America. One of the interesting trends … Continue reading

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One out of Seven New Marriages Interracial or Inter-Ethnic

For those that have never really caught it before, yes, I am in an interracial relationship. So understanding quite well that I too am a part of this Pew statistic where one in seven new marriages are interracial or inter-ethnic, … Continue reading

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Louisiana Justice Denies Interracial Marriage

A recent news item that has been gaining in momentum is the story of a Louisiana justice of peace Keith Bardwell who refuses to marry interracial couples for the sake of the children as he insists that interracial marriages tend … Continue reading

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