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WSJ: Starbucks, PepsiCo Bring ‘Subopera’ to Shanghai

In tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal, the newspaper covers the story: “Starbucks, PepsiCo Bring ‘Subopera’ to Shanghai“: “A feel-good film about a girl from the Chinese countryside who moves to the big city to discover love, blogging and Starbucks will premier … Continue reading

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Does this mean I can also blame Confucius for my bum knee?

This LA Times article about the Korean-American communities rethinking of achievement strikes me in a funny sort of way…and not good funny. The article asserts that, in the shadow of a few very public f-ups by a handful of Korean-Americans, … Continue reading

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Random Rant: Karaoke ≠ Carry-okie

How the heck did karaoke (ka-ra-oh-kaykeh) get pronounced carry-okie? Or is it carrie-okie? I can understand if one or two people just screwed it up, but how did the wrong pronunciation gain popular acceptance? I used to correct people — … Continue reading

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Korean guy from Lost arrested for DUI (and really sorry)

Oh man, what’s up with people from the television show Lost getting arrested for DUI’s? First Michelle Rodriguez, then that white psychologist chick Cynthia Watros from Season 2, and now Daniel Dae Kim, otherwise known as Jin-Soo Kwon. It’s like … Continue reading

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King James to the Middle Kingdom came

National past times are going international. The NFL has a Dolphins/Giants game on today being played in London. The NBA is playing a few preseason (aka practice) games overseas. Of key interest is China. People paid upwards of $550 per … Continue reading

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8A Blogger Goes Recon at Asian Ave

Mike posted about presidential candidate Obama having a profile page on Asian Avenue, which now goes by Asian Ave, and that prompted me to sign up for an account. Not because I support Obama as President, but because I used … Continue reading

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Secret Asian Man

If you haven’t picked up a print newspaper in the last few months, or read Asian American Village, then, like me, you probably haven’t heard of Secret Asian Man either. But soon, newspaper-reading people across the US will know of … Continue reading

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Which form of racism is worse?

James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA’s double helix shape and probably one of the most well known figures in modern science,  announced today that he would be resigning from his position as chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and from … Continue reading

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That Goth Kid Over There or That Asian Goth Kid Over There? Race, Cliques, and How We’re Still Viewed as the Other White Meat

When we see white people in America from Generation X or Y, we stereotype them by cliques. Their dress gives us the clues we need to tuck them into a specific social category, like prep, goth, nerd, punk, hippie, and … Continue reading

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Chinese-American women create a line-dancing craze

I kind of laughed when I read in today’s San Jose Mercury News about “Chinese-American women create a line-dancing craze.” Not because line-dancing is funny, but because my mother has done some line-dancing at the local senior centers in Palo … Continue reading

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Everything under the sun is “Made in China”

It’s interesting when you read about things that are made in China. I mean, who really doesn’t know that things are manufactured there anyways? Anything you pick up practically has the little sticker on it. But something that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Updates: Subscribe to Comments, Surveys and New Writers!

1. For some of the heavily commented blog entries on 8Asians, some people have requested a way to find out if someone has followed-up to a person’s comment. In addition to the existing comments feed, there’s now a way to … Continue reading

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