Updates: Subscribe to Comments, Surveys and New Writers!

1. For some of the heavily commented blog entries on 8Asians, some people have requested a way to find out if someone has followed-up to a person’s comment. In addition to the existing comments feed, there’s now a way to subscribe to comments – just check the checkbox marked “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” to, uhm, be notified of followup comments via e-mail.

2. To better understand the demographics of the people reading this blog, we’ve created a quick two-page survey for people to complete. While it’s completely optional, filling out the survey helps us make a better 8Asians.com for you guys, and there’ll also be a drawing for some free 8Asians.com shwag to a lucky survey reader. (Whether it’s a tote bag, a t-shirt or a bumper sticker depends on how much out-of-pocket money I feel like personally sending.)

3. We’re still looking for writers, but we’re now ready to present our first batch of Associate writers. “Associate writers?” you ask. “What the hell is that?” In a nutshell, they’re simply writers whose photos aren’t at the top of the page yet. They’ll be able to post to the blog like everyone else for a couple of weeks, and if they don’t feel like it’s going the way they had thought or life gets in the way and they can’t commit to writing for a long period of time, no worries. If things DO go well, then I’ll rotate out some of the more inactive writers of 8A with Associate writers. Hopefully this will maintain a constant stream of diverse voices. Who ARE these new people, you ask? You’ll be able to read their bios (and look at their photos!) after the jump. And be on the lookout for another announcement of Associate writers, very soon.

Ben Hwang is involved in a number of online publications and also writes at his personal blog, LUX.ET.UMBRA. When he’s not in the middle of starting companies and dreaming up new ventures, he is heavily involved in local community efforts. Currently resides in North Carolina.

I am a 30something, 1.5 generation Korean-American, New Yorker who spends her day as an HR exec. specializing in corporate diversity & inclusion. I get to think about ways to make “The Man” less male, white, and straight. I have the best job in the world! When I’m not trying to change corporate America, I teach yoga and dabble in holistic health counseling. I have an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business and my undergraduate from the University of Michigan. Lesser known facts about me: I enjoy b&w film photography, training for endurance races, and making homemade jam.

I’m an unapologetic hack satirist specializing in inane, obscene, and rudimentary humor. Low brow is too high brow for me. I listen to Howard Stern. I love that you just rolled your eyes. I couldn’t care less. I absolutely HATE hypocrisy. Of any kind. I read Supreme Court opinions. I devour the Sunday New York Times. I’m on the internet way too much. I listen to artists, not genres. I think the first step of being an Asian American is not having to apologize for it. I always tell the truth. I lie incessantly in bios.

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I'm the creator of 8 Asians and one of the editors. While I'm a regular blogger to the site as well, think of my role as Barbara Walters on "The View," except without the weird white hair. During the day, I'm a Developer for a major Internet company and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've also been writing in my blog, littleyellowdifferent.com, for seven years.
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