Everything under the sun is “Made in China”

It’s interesting when you read about things that are made in China. I mean, who really doesn’t know that things are manufactured there anyways? Anything you pick up practically has the little sticker on it. But something that I didn’t realize was this little fact:

“Ever wondered why Coach has so many stores in China? Easy – they make virtually all their bags here. Prada, LV, Furla – all now largely made in China.”

Are you serious? Those bags aren’t made in Italy?

And they make a minimum of 15% margin? Note that it was a minimum. This just goes to show that the while there has been a lot of talk about even American firms trying to defeat the global manufacturing juggernaut, there really isn’t anything that can stop the greed. And if anything proves it, the fact that designer bags are being made there should be the last sign that you’ll ever need. Globalization of corporate America has in the last twenty or so years given China the means to hold all the strings. And who suffers if you try to cut these strings? We the consumers do.

Unfortunately, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. We Americans want to super-size everything for cheap. Nicer things for lower prices. Ahh.. the smell of capitalism.

And for that, the Chinese just snicker softly whenever we complain about jobs being lost and American manufacturing industry taking a nosedive. Need any more proof? See if you can’t get away from that little white sticker that says “Made in China.”

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