Frozen Flower: Reviews via Chat

One of the hotly anticipated films of last year to release in South Korea was Frozen Flower starring Joo Jin Mo, Jo In Sung and Song Ji Hyo is now soon to making its way to DVD.

I had been interested in the film since I caught wind of it in the Kpop bubble where I had been living for the last 2 years or so. The story seemed interesting, the King (Joo Jin Mo) needs to bear an heir, but despite loving his beautiful Chinese Queen (Song Ji Hyo) can’t bear to touch her and chooses to spend his night with the head of guards (Jo In Sung) instead. To keep things secret, the King instructs his lover to sleep with the Queen thereby opening Pandora’s box to hetero sex and your classic love triangle.

Who am I kidding – the trailer above is what really caught people’s attention. (Safe, yet NSFW)

My fellow Kpop follower Nebs pinged me saying that she was going to be seeing the film, but was just going to fast forward to the good parts … namely the sex scenes. So I followed up, after the jump.

Xxxtine: booyah … so have you finished fast forwarding through Frozen Flower?
Nebs: yep yep … it really is like porn … wasn’t impressed
Xxxtine: darn …I suppose it might has been a tad better with English subs to sort of … give it a bit more depth
Nebs: no… i mean the scenes
Nebs: it was trying too hard
Nebs: like… how porn is
Xxxtine: I saw one really quick scene … I was almost shocked …
Nebs: put in… mainly for the heck of having a scene in… occurred too often
Xxxtine: so … lots of hot sex then … just not impressive
Nebs: no.. not impressive. i think they tried to make it passionate, but… when you have too many scenes and trying too many positions, it really just becomes porn
Xxxtine: LOL … me thinks I will just wait till English subs because I’m actually intrigued by the storyline, and I think the actress is pretty cool … and JinMo … hawt
Nebs: he’s ok… no one I’m really into
Xxxtine: him over In Sung, for sure
Nebs: definitely

The Next Day
Xxxtine: oh … and I saw Frozen Flower … w/o subs and out of sync … it really IS like porn
Nebs: you couldn’t wait for subs either, huh
The Day After That …
Nebs: oh and i watched frozen flower (skipping the porn scenes) w/ subs…. it was still boring
Xxxtine: really … that’s too bad … not enough substance to support the gratuitous sex. oh well … porn it is … but it’s quite well lite and at least they put a little effort into a storyline
Nebs: yea… the story was good until he asked Jo In Sung to go sleep w/ her. there was way too many sex scenes… they could’ve done all the story w/o it and it would still be the same boring movie
Xxxtine: so the film was her fault
Nebs: but it wouldn’t get that many viewers
Xxxtine: cuz they need the lady nipple shots

Frozen Flower melts onto DVD May 14th via; because using the word ‘come’ would be too gratuitous.

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