Los Angeles API Heritage Month Giveaway: Asian American Arts Stimulus Package

UPDATE: We have a winner!

As April is coming to an end, we head on into May — nationally designated as Asian Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month. API Heritage month commemorates and recognizes the diversity of API languages and cultures and celebrates of the achievements and contributions of API communities in America.

In that spirit, 8Asians is happy to celebrate Asian Americans in the arts with an “Asian American Arts Stimulus Package” giveaway to one lucky winner who will be the recipient of a pair of tickets to THREE amazing events in the L.A. area!

laapff-20091) The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival: 2009
Runs April 30 – May 7, 2009

Visual Communications, the nation’s premier Asian Pacifc American media arts center, established the Los Angeles Asian Pacifc Film & Video Festival in 1983 as a vehicle to promote Asian and Asian Pacifc American cinema. The Festival has grown from its humble beginnings as a weekend-long series into a major annual showcase presenting the best of Asian Pacifc American and Asian international media in the United States. As of 2008, the Film Festival is known by its permanent iteration The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

  • What you could win from Visual Communications: two tickets to any available show (except opening or closing night)
  • Lodestone Theatre Ensemble's Ten to Life2) Lodestone Theatre Ensemble: Ten to Life
    Runs May 2 – June 7, 2009 (8:00PM Fri-Sat; 2:00PM Sun)

    A Census agent exposes a family’s perverse, hidden secret…A desperate loser turns to experimental surgery to seduce his high school crush…A happy homemaker struggles against an ancient evil that lurks in plain sight…A controlling psychologist must protect his life’s love from her memories. Lodestone kicks off its final season with four twisted one-acts touching on the bizarre and unnatural. It’s been ten years… Time to pay.

  • What you could win from Lodestone Theatre Ensemble: two tickets to any available show (except opening night)
  • ewp-marrymealittlethelastfiveyears3) East West Players: Marry Me A Little & The Last Five Years, an evening of 2 one-act musicals!
    Runs May 7 – June 7, 2009 (Wednesday – Saturday @ 8PM; Sunday @ 2PM)

    MARRY ME A LITTLE: A compilation of songs, composed by Stephen Sondheim for many of his Broadway musicals but for various reasons didn’t make it into the final stage, are woven into a simple tale of two lonely people during one evening in their small, one-bedroom apartments. Featuring Mike Dalager & Jennifer Hubilla
    THE LAST FIVE YEARS: There are two sides to every story…Jamie and Cathy’s 5-year old relationship is coming to an end, and through the funny , sweet and heart-breaking songs, you hear both versions of what happened–from beginning to end, and from the end to beginning. Featuring Michael K. Lee & Jennifer Paz

  • What you could win from East West Players: two tickets to any available show (except opening night)
  • That’s right! The lucky winner wins a pair of tickets to ALL THREE events!

    How do you enter?
    Simply leave a short comment stating which one of these events interest you most and why. (Be sure to use the email address you’d like to be contacted at if you’re the winner.)

    Hurry, the deadline to enter is: Friday, May 1 at 12 noon
    One lucky winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Friday afternoon.

    Rules for entering:
    1) Please be in the Los Angeles area (or willing to travel to LA on your own dime) and serious about using all these tickets; if you’re too busy to use these, please don’t take them away from someone who will!
    2) Tickets are non-transferrable; they are good for you and a guest.
    3) Contributors to 8Asians and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.

    Prizes courtesy of: Visual Communications, Lodestone Theatre Ensemble, and East West Players. Thanks to all the orgs which are providing free tickets to 8Asians readers, and especially Phil Chung for his help with this.

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    55 Responses to Los Angeles API Heritage Month Giveaway: Asian American Arts Stimulus Package

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    2. Burns! says:

      I would love to see the L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival. I saw a trailer for “White On Rice,” which looks fantastic.

    3. natalene says:

      would live to see MARRY ME A LITTLE

      love stephen sondheim and broadway music . think that there isn’t much opportunity for asian americans and that they need more support in the arts . i’m a classically trained pianist, so i love music .

    4. jorge says:

      Most interested in seeing films, especially due to the lack of diversity coming out of Hollywood. Not enough representation (or rather, balanced and dynamic representation) on the silver screen. It looks like we have to take matters into our own hands.

      Come out and support APIs in the arts or forever suffer Long Duck Dong and William Hung as our representatives!

    5. Bruin says:

      I’d love a pair of tickets to see Treeless Mountain at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival! It looks really good… and really sad too. Ah. 🙁

    6. JASON says:

      I’m most definitely interested in the short films & documentaries at the LA AP Film Festival. I’ve become a huge fan of shorts and would gladly watch all the shorts presented there if i could. Also, ‘One Night in LA’ looks pretty damn mesmerizing.

    7. Jo says:

      This sounds like a great stimulus package! I’d most like tickets to the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. I’ve never been but I’ve gone to the film festival in San Francisco.

    8. Chris says:

      I am interested in winning precisely because I’m having such a hard time deciding between the three. While the musical and the films sound great, forced to make a choice, “Ten to Life” sounds like a really great play, so I’d go with that.

    9. typefiend says:

      I’m most interested in attending the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and seeing smaller, independent films like Children of Invention and Treeless Mountain that normally get passed over by local theaters and the movie media. A great opportunity to support asian-indie filmmakers!

    10. David Ngo says:

      I haven’t seen a live theatre show in a long time, and would really enjoy seeing “TEN TO LIFE”. It sounds like they have interesting plotlines and seeing real theatre is just so much better than watching a movie screen.

    11. soul.la.ti.do says:

      I’d love to see Asian Americans represent in the Last Five Years because I’ve never seen a real professional Asian American performing art program!!! It would bring what I learned at Berkeley to life.

    12. D says:

      Working for a mutlicultural Non-profit here in LA, I would love to be able to support my brothers and sisters at their events! That being said, I work for a non-profit and often am forced to choose which events I can afford to go to. I love the film festival and the East West Players.

    13. jee says:

      Am I eligible to enter? ;o) I want to see the 2 one-act musicals!

    14. Mimi says:

      I really hope to see “Ten to Life” — it sounds like a really great thriller, and I’m also a psychologist! I am a really big Asian Am cultural/arts fiend and try to go support any Asian Am movies/performances that I can. I am a HUGE supporter of Lodestone and have seen most of their shows, including “Lodestone After Dark,” “Trapezoid,” and “Telemongol.” I am also a HUGE patron of EWP, and recently saw “Ixnay,” “Joy Luck Club,” and “Be Like Water.”

    15. ALOHA…..
      I LOVE the Asian / Pacific American ARTS scene…. I want to attend every event I can… but can’t really afford to….. But I guess for this contest my most interest is to see Jennifer Paz again at East West Players in The Last 5 Years directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera……… I love (good) musicals the MOST….

      Have a Blessed Day

    16. Celeste Den says:

      I have heard amazing things about the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival as well as the work Lodestone Theatre Ensemble – but I am most excited about the performance at East West Players directed by Jon L. Rivera. I have only recently discovered the love of LA’s Asian Pacific arts community and look forward to getting more involved in the future. Without this fabulous stimulous package I would probably be unable to attend these events…thank you 8Asians!

    17. Emmie says:

      Definitely most interested in the Asian Am Film Fest – it’s such a shame that Asians are so under-represented in the media – I really find it refreshing to watch films dealing with API issues that I feel I can really relate to.

    18. timo says:

      I’d like a few tickets to the L.A. Asian Film Festival. I have some music in some of the films, but because the budgets are so low, I’d do anything for free tickets. :-\

    19. Ernie says:

      Hey guys – to keep the conversations active on the other 8asians posts, I’m going to keep everyones entries hidden from each other. YOUR COMMENTS HAVEN’T BEEN DELETED! When the winner has been chosen, I’ll then make all the comments/entries public. Thanks for understanding!

    20. Thomas Eng says:

      A chance to watch the East West Players FOR FREE!?!?! Count me in! A poor grad student like me can’t pass up this stimulous package. For the longest time now, I’ve been a huge fan of their works and even at one point contemplated taking some of their acting workshops! Too bad life takes different turns or else there could have been a slim chance that ya’ll would be getting free tickets to watch me! =D And don’t worry, I’ll put the tickets to the movie festival and Ten to Life to good use! I’m a big fan of Asian American media!

    21. Tara K. Inouye-Hill says:

      For 1 to choose which of these 3 prolific & outstanding Asian Pacific American arts production events I would want to see the most would be akin to a sugar-crazed child being asked to choose one piece of candy in a candy store! I have been voluntarily supporting ALL 3 organizations for many, many years & want to see all 3 events, plus I am a female, a minority, a widow, over 50 & am part of that large group of working Americans unable to find a decent full-time job in their respective professions – how many more discriminatory groups do I need to belong to so I capture your sympathies? Therefore . . . choose me!

    22. Although I was born and raised in Asia until the age of 12, growing up in a fairly white upper middle class neighborhood in the South Bay (San Jose, NorCal, that is) I’ve never been one to mix with Asian Americans and get deeply into Asian Am issues before going off to college in the Central Valley. For me, seeing these shows now that I’m older presents a fond image of the Asian (Asian American) childhood I “could” have had and what I had missed. Also, being in the legal profession sometimes makes one yearn to let the artistic side of the personality come out, if only once in a while. The Lodestone show in particular interests me in that it doesn’t seem “typical” of an Asian American show and appears to be something that caters to my very under-developed notion of something artistic. (That, and I recently met Junko Goda and think she’s a very creative person and saw her post about this giveaway.)

    23. Sylvia says:

      The Last 5 Years!


      1. I just moved to LA and am going to be moving soon into a small apartment with one other person of the opposite sex…o.O

      2. I LOVE musicals, and could really use one right now :/

      3. Minored in Asian American Studies and READ about East Asian Players when I was back on the East Coast

      4. Want to be inspired by good actors 😀

      5. Stephen Sondheim is BALLA

    24. Christina says:

      The East West Players!
      As an avid supporter of Asian American artists and a very loud and proud Taiwanese American, I’m making the big move from a small pokey town in the Midwest to Los Angeles to pursue law and entertainment. I would love to check out a musical. Love and romance, tied together with Asian American issues, all with singing and dancing? Dope.

    25. Victor says:

      I’d love tickets to go see “All Around Us” at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival… the synopsis looks really interesting.

    26. Hey, thanks for making this available for people to save some money on good entertainment, I would love to take my wife to the Film Festival

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    28. Yoshi Ando says:

      Yes! The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival: 2009 is starting now…!! So many great films I would like to watch….!

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