Los Angeles Giveaway: Asian American Arts Stimulus Package 2!

UPDATE: We have a winner!

Back in May, during Asian Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month, 8Asians partnered with 3 awesome L.A. arts organizations to bring you the incredibly popular first Asian American Arts Stimulus Package.

Since so many folks were so eager to get their hands on this, we’re doing it again… one lucky winner who will be the recipient of a pair of tickets to THREE amazing events in the L.A. area for the Asian American Arts Stimulus Package 2! In addition to East West Players and Lodestone Theatre Ensemble, who are again providing tickets to their new productions, we also have 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors in the fray, as well! Check it out!

18mmw-bowdowntoyourasianmasters1) 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors: Bow Down to Your Asian Masters! An ALL NEW World Premiere!
Runs July 31 – August 23, 2009 (Thurs., Fri., Sat., & Sun. @ 8pm)

It’s the Asian Century. Be prepared to show obedience to your new Asian masters. 18mmw will show you how. We have ways of making you laugh! You will bow down…with laughter. We will torture you…with laughter! You will shiver with…oh, you get the picture.

Starring: Junko Goda, Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Kevin Ocampo, Diana Toshiko, Greg Watanabe, and Peter J.Wong.

Brand New Theatrical Sketches including: David Carradine and Bruce Lee debate “Kung Fu” in the afterlife, The 18 MMW News Show, How to serve your new Asian masters properly, The Dick Cheney Show with special guest Sarah Palin, Meat is murder! So is…vegetarianism, I dated a Zombie, and more!

  • What you could win from 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors: two tickets to any available show (except closing weekend)
  • lodestone_closerthanever2) Lodestone Theatre Ensemble: Closer Than Ever
    Runs August 8 – August 30, 2009 (8:00PM Thurs-Sat; 2:00PM Sun)

    A musical revue in two acts with words by Richard Maltby, Jr. and music by David Shire; Directed by Chil Kong; Music Direction by Akira Nakano

    The acclaimed musical revue about life, love and all the doors in between… Starring: Sharline Liu, DT Matias, Blythe Matsui, Paul Nakauchi, Erin Quill, EJ Arriola, Jully Lee, Jiehae Park, & Miley Yamamoto

    An all Asian American revival of CLOSER THAN EVER, the classic 1989 musical revue which won the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical and was nominated for multiple Drama Desk Awards. CLOSER THAN EVER features self-contained songs which deal with such diverse topics as aging, mid-life crisis, second marriages and unrequited love. This is the second mainstage production of Lodestone’s tenth and final “Beginnings and Endings” season.

  • What you could win from Lodestone Theatre Ensemble: two tickets to any available show (except opening night)
  • EWP_Art3) East West Players: Art, A Tony Award Winning Broadway Play!
    Art By Yasmina Reza; Traslated by Christopher Hamton; Directed by Alberto Issac
    Runs September 10 – October 11, 2009

    Imagine: A 4′ x 5′ white canvas, painted with fine white diagonal lines. Is this art? Serge believes it is and is willing to pay 200 grand for it. When Marc flat out laughs at the ridiculousness of the situation, a third party is brought in for an objective opinion. Yvan agrees with both. When three opinions clash, three friendships are put to the test. At the breaking point, Serge hands Marc a felt tip pen and dares him: “Go On.”

  • What you could win from East West Players: two tickets to any available show (except opening night)
  • That’s right! The lucky winner wins a pair of tickets to ALL THREE events!

    How do you enter?
    Simply leave a short comment stating which one of these events interest you most and why. (Be sure to use the email address you’d like to be contacted at if you’re the winner.)

    Hurry, the deadline to enter is: Wednesday, August 12 at 12 noon (Pacific Time)
    One lucky winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Wednesday afternoon.

    Rules for entering:
    1) Please be in the Los Angeles area (or willing to travel to LA on your own dime) and serious about using all these tickets; if you’re too busy to use these, please don’t take them away from someone who will!
    2) Tickets are non-transferrable; they are good for you and a guest.
    3) Contributors to 8Asians and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.

    Prizes courtesy of: 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, Lodestone Theatre Ensemble, and East West Players. Thanks to all the orgs which are providing free tickets to 8Asians readers, and especially Phil Chung for his help with this.

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    17 Responses to Los Angeles Giveaway: Asian American Arts Stimulus Package 2!

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    3. Aaron says:

      I would love to see 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors: Bow Down to Your Asian Masters! because it sounds really funny.
      I’m surprised no one is commenting. My odds are looking good!

    4. Lori L says:

      I’ve always wanted to see 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors! Ever since moving to LA I have been trying to see some Asian American comedy but it just hasn’t worked out. Pick me!!

    5. kristinawong says:

      I’d like to see Bow Down to Your Asian Masters because the last time I saw an 18mmw show, they gave me a shout out from the stage and my ego is fragile and needs every stroke possible. thank you now give me the tickets.

    6. AC Deocares says:

      I have always loved the work of EWP in the development and growth of Asian American Theater. I make it a point that once a year ( and often as it is feasible for me) I would support their work by attending their regular presentations or their summer workshop presentations. They offer the variety of standards and new Plays, penned by emerging or known Asian wirters or cast with Asian American actors, that make me proud to be an Asian American. It makes me feel good that we contribute to the cultural fibre and character of Los Angeles and the USA.

    7. joycefliu says:

      I am all about making Aaron work for his tickets, so consider this making the odds slimmer! Ha ha!

      And, WE LOVE YOU JOZ!!!

    8. zarengurl says:

      My pick is for the East-West Island Players because I have loved Dante Basco since his (and his brother’s) early acting days. Any company that has him has me interested. If I cant get any good comedy here in Chicago, I’m just gonna hafta come out there to LA!

    9. chucknorice says:


      looks damn funny!

    10. minorkey says:

      All three shows sound good to me. I’ve been wanting to see the 18MMM and haven’t had a chance yet. Art sounds interesting, especially for those of us who don’t love–or understand–ALL modern art!

    11. MrSparkle says:

      I’d love to see the Lodestone Theatre Ensemble. Musicals are pretty cool

    12. alexchen says:

      I’m asian too! Go figure! And as thus, I would like some free tickets. It’s in the genes…I would love to see any of these shows…doesn’t matter.

    13. Jason Huynh says:

      Ever since I moved to Los Angeles, a year ago, I have appreciated the wide availability of API-American events on the West Coast. After attending many of these events, I felt so influenced, that I wanted to be part of these organizations and be part of their goals. Therefore, I have been able to meet so many fascinating and very welcoming people.

      Rather than just attend events, I always feel obligated to volunteer and help in any way I can. My most recent event was the Korean BBQ Cookoff and I got to know the KAC (Korean-American Coalition). I am also affiliated with Kollaboration, Visual Communications, and Tuesday Night Cafe. I cannot wait for Nisei Week coming soon!

      As for my favorite of the three tickets, I would most appreciate Lodestone’s “Closer than Ever,” because I have never been to a musical before. I have always wanted to go to one for the live-acting, the singing, the dancing, and the inspiration/feeling a person can gain from such an experience. I have looked into possibly volunteering for it, but I believe they do not need any.

      I know of the 18 Mighty Mouth Warriors from TNKAT; they usually do short comedic skits every show!

      As for the East-West Players’s “Art,” this is my first time hearing of it and it does sound very interesting. I am likely to go and support them.

      (As a side note: I thought it was required to sign in using Facebook or Twitter. Anyway, my e-mail is [redacted]@ g’mail-dot-com)

    14. eggmuffin says:

      18 Mighty Mountain Warriors looks freaking hilarious. Would love to spend an evening working out my abs by laughing my butt off! 🙂

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    16. cccwong says:

      I would love to get those 18MMW tix. I’ve been dying to see them live ever since I first heard about their existence. Gimme them tix!!!

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