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18MMW declares “Race War” on SNL’s Yellowface

Says Michael Hornbuckle: 18MMW declares RACE WAR on SNL!! Because of all the Yellowface SNL does. And if SNL thinks Asians can’t win a RACE WAR…well, we PROVE that Asians CAN! ABOUT 18 MIGHTY MOUNTAIN WARRIORS: Quite possibly the world’s … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Alexandra Wallace, Ranting UCLA Girl

Before I get started on this lovely open letter, for those of you who don’t know, Alexandra Wallace is a UCLA student who posted the above YouTube video yesterday about her rant on Asian students making too much noise in … Continue reading

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The Working APA Actor: Greg Watanabe

The Working APA Actor is a bi-monthly interview of Asian Pacific Islander American actors in the entertainment world, whether it be theater, film, television, or commercials. It is an inside look at these actors exploring their passion in their craft … Continue reading

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Announcing the Winner of the 8Asians Los Angeles Asian American Arts Stimulus Package 2

Congratulations to Jason H, who was randomly selected as the winner of our Asian American Arts Stimulus Package 2! Thanks for all the great entries! Here is Jason’s winning entry: Ever since I moved to Los Angeles, a year ago, … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Giveaway: Asian American Arts Stimulus Package 2!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Back in May, during Asian Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month, 8Asians partnered with 3 awesome L.A. arts organizations to bring you the incredibly popular first Asian American Arts Stimulus Package. Since so many folks were … Continue reading

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One Show Only! Catch 18MMW and OPM Comedy together at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival

I know it’s Mother’s Day, but if you’re in L.A. and find yourself wanting to have a few laughs this evening, you’ll get two awesome Asian American comedy groups in one at the L.A. Comedy Festival tonight — OPM Comedy … Continue reading

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