Announcing the Winner of the 8Asians Los Angeles Asian American Arts Stimulus Package 2

18mmw-bowdowntoyourasianmasters lodestone_closerthanever EWP_Art

Congratulations to Jason H, who was randomly selected as the winner of our Asian American Arts Stimulus Package 2! Thanks for all the great entries!

Here is Jason’s winning entry:

Ever since I moved to Los Angeles, a year ago, I have appreciated the wide availability of API-American events on the West Coast. After attending many of these events, I felt so influenced, that I wanted to be part of these organizations and be part of their goals. Therefore, I have been able to meet so many fascinating and very welcoming people.

Rather than just attend events, I always feel obligated to volunteer and help in any way I can. My most recent event was the Korean BBQ Cookoff and I got to know the KAC (Korean-American Coalition). I am also affiliated with Kollaboration, Visual Communications, and Tuesday Night Cafe. I cannot wait for Nisei Week coming soon!

As for my favorite of the three tickets, I would most appreciate Lodestone’s “Closer than Ever,” because I have never been to a musical before. I have always wanted to go to one for the live-acting, the singing, the dancing, and the inspiration/feeling a person can gain from such an experience. I have looked into possibly volunteering for it, but I believe they do not need any.

I know of the 18 Mighty Mouth Warriors from TNKAT; they usually do short comedic skits every show!

As for the East-West Players’s “Art,” this is my first time hearing of it and it does sound very interesting. I am likely to go and support them.

Congratulations! Please attend and enjoy all three events and thanks for your commitment to the L.A. Asian American arts community!

You know, I have to say that even though Jason was selected randomly as the winner, I’m so pleased that it turns out he has a great entry (albeit not very “brief” as requested!). I love all 3 of these organizations, but I’m also glad he singled out Lodestone’s musical “Closer Than Ever,” which I saw on Opening Night. It was really a fun production and I think for someone who has never seen a musical revue, this is a great one to “pop his musical cherry.” I do know that 18MMW’s Bow Down to Your Asian Masters is already sold out for this weekend, so please act quickly and book your tickets before they’re all gone… their run ends next weekend! And even though East West Players’ Art doesn’t open for another month, please mark the dates in your calendar because it promises to be another exciting run, as well!

I wish we had more free tickets to giveaway, but please check out the event websites as there are (generally) lower priced tickets such as previews, matinees, and “Pay What You Can” performances.

Thanks again to 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, Lodestone Theatre Ensemble, and East West Players for offering up free tickets for this giveaway.

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