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The Love Boat: Matchmaking, the Ultimate Government Service

Chien T’an Campus – Taipei, Taiwan. When I first started blogging on 8Asians, I was wondering when I would have a chance to blog about The Love Boat. If you are already asking what does the TV show, then you … Continue reading

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Fugitive Dr. Tony Shiu, caught in Taiwan, back in the Bay Area

I saw this disturbing and shocking story on ABC7 News this evening on Dr. Tony Shui, “Doctor accused of molesting patients.” This story is made for Disgrasian (“You’re a disgrace. To the Race.”): “A Dublin doctor was arraigned on charges … Continue reading

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China’s Premier, Wen Jiabao gets on Facebook

In this year’s presidential race, we’ve seen American politicians soliciting the youth vote through channels including myspace, MTV, SNL and the like. Now, it seems like China’s catching on. A short while ago, Premier Wen Jiabao’s profile page mysteriously appeared … Continue reading

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SF Ballet’s Star Yuan Yuan Tan Performing in Hong Kong this summer

“I think right now is about time I want to give something back to China,” said Tan, a Shanghai native, who became a principal dancer with the Ballet in 1997 at age 21. One of my favorite ballerinas, Yuan Yuan … Continue reading

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The Music Prodigy Market in China

A common stereotype is that Asian Americans play an instrument, often either a violin or piano, or both, and that we’re music prodigies . Well, after reading the Wall Street Journal opinion piece (5/29/08), “The Prodigy Market in China,” I … Continue reading

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POP 88 #19 – Korean Music Festival Special

While Canada was having a nice Victoria Day long weekend, I was down in LA at the Korean Music Festival held at the Hollywood Bowl. I originally had not intended to go, but then all the signs were telling me … Continue reading

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When Will They Ban a Book by an APA Writer?

Here’s a list of frequently challenged books in 1990-2000 by authors of color. Names of the writers whose books have been banned in the past decade: Isabel Allende, Rudolfo Anaya, Maya Angelou, Mark Mathabane, Toni Morrison, Walter D. Myers, Luis … Continue reading

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On, Addressing Accusations, and a Call to Other APA Blogs for a Cyber-Conference

We’ve been called the “model minority blog,” not to be confused with the Forum at, a different beast. As a result of our “news reel”-esque format and emphasis on current events and pop culture over critical race theory (though … Continue reading

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India exam pressure leads to wave of student suicides

In many nations in the world, it is the dreaded university entrance exam that is the sole determinant of whether or not you get into a university or not – not your high school grades, extracurricular activities or achievement scores … Continue reading

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Asian American 2.0?

In SFGate today, Jeff Yang talks about the clashing ideas of Asian American identity among generations, namely my generation (people born in the 70s) and older, and those who are in their teens and 20s. He brings up issues that … Continue reading

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Jackie Chan Enters Chinese Reality TV with “The Disciple”

So I’m a little bit behind on this, but because there isn’t really many blogs talking about this, it’s worth a mention: “The Disciple,” a Chinese reality show produced by Jackie Chan where the winner, skilled in both acting and … Continue reading

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New Chinese aphrodisiac: real estate

My friend Lisa Chow is a free lance reporter currently based out of Beijing, and just had her first broadcast piece, distributed by American Public Media, “New Chinese aphrodisiac: real estate: “You know what’s going to work with members of … Continue reading

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