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The New [Asian American] Face of the [California] Grand Old Party

I came across this somewhat self-serving article by Republican Michelle Park Steel the other day in AsianWeek, The New [Asian American] Face of the [California] Grand Old Party, it’s exciting to read the increasing involvement of Asian Americans in public … Continue reading

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Why Asians are Better at Math

Dave Chen wrote a thought-provoking post entitled “Why Asians are Better at Math.” He cites a BBC article which compares questions from British and Chinese math tests. Says the article: A glance at the two questions reveals how much more … Continue reading

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POP 88 – April 25/07 – Vol.1 Ep.6 – GIRLS ROCK! Edition

I nearly lost my voice putting this podcast together as I’m currently suffering through an onslaught of allergies that have decided to invade my sinuses and tighten my throat. Thankfully, most of this week’s show is an interview I did … Continue reading

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Overseas Filipino Workers: A Good Provider is One Who Leaves?

Sunday’s New York Times Magazine examined the Overseas Filipino Worker phenomenon by chronicling the Comodases, a Filipino family now spanning two generations of members leaving the Philippines to work abroad, hoping to reach “the ultimate” United States. I read this … Continue reading

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Sanjaya voted off of American Idol

Some time ago, between the insanity of what has been called the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history and its impact on Asian-Americans in respect to self-identity, media portrayal, cultural responsibility and mental illness, a truly monumental and tragic event … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? EVERYTHING – Cho Seung-Hui vs. Seung-Hui Cho

Is it me, or is the media’s reporting of the Virginia Tech “massacre” referring to Cho Seung-Hui rather than Seung-Hui Cho is really starting to bother me! I caught a part of CNN’s Special Reports – “Massacre at Virginia Tech” … Continue reading

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APAs Cannot Shirk From Blame for VTech Shooting

Yesterday, CNN Newsroom aired a special report on the Virginia Tech shooting that took place last Monday. The Korean and Korean American communities’ responses to the shooting became a primary focus of the report, which presented them as feeling “a … Continue reading

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‘SPRING WALTZ’ Caption This! Contest

Depending on where in North America you’re from, Spring has Sprung and we’re kicking it off with a contest. We’ve got ten DVD boxed sets of the hit Korean Drama “SPRING WALTZ” – English subtitled with Special Features thanks to … Continue reading

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Asian-Americans and the Mental Illness Stigma

With the recent media barrage of the Virginia Tech killer Seung Cho – with the images and video of the killer plastered on MSNBC and the slight fear and dread that this will all turn into an iconic image similar … Continue reading

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The story of just one of the many heroes of 4/16/07 from VT

According to her (google cached) VT homepage as of 5/1/05, Haiyan Cheng: I am a PhD student in Computer Science. My academic advisor is Dr. Adrian Sandu. I obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Michigan Technological University, and … Continue reading

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Cho ’nuff: The Sky’s the Limit

(this was originally posted in my personal blog in April 2007) this washington post article actually asks some interesting questions. they are good questions, ones i have no answers to. the question i have to extend is one about boundaries, … Continue reading

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NPR’s Robert Siegel: Cho Lived and Died as an American

This excerpt of NPR’s All Things Considered makes me want to invite host Robert Siegel over for one of my mother’s homecooked multi-course Filipino dinners; I’m that impressed with what he has to say. I insist that you listen to … Continue reading

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