POP 88 – April 25/07 – Vol.1 Ep.6 – GIRLS ROCK! Edition

girlsrock.gifI nearly lost my voice putting this podcast together as I’m currently suffering through an onslaught of allergies that have decided to invade my sinuses and tighten my throat. Thankfully, most of this week’s show is an interview I did earlier in the week with the filmmakers of GIRLS ROCK, (www.girlsrockmovie.com) a documentary having its world premiere here in Toronto at the HOT DOCS Documentary Film Festival (www.hotdocs.ca).

All Girl Rockin music this week with Bada, BoA and new Lexy plus indie rock band Kokeshi Doll and much more interesting finds in the world of Asian rock music and music produced by Asian female artists.

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( ) Romanization [ ] Translation

1. Bad Girl – Malgopy
Bad Girl (2007)

2. A Little Pain – Olivia
NANA BEST Soundtrack (2007)

3. I Wanna Rock – Cherry Boom
Cherry Boom

4. Suiside Boogie – Kokeshi Doll
Pirukorui (2004) – Indie

5. 終わらない歌 [The Neverending Song] – パーランマウム(Paramaum)
Linda Linda Linda OST (2005) – Toshiba

6. GO! GO! GO! – 바다(Bada)
Start (single)(2006)

7. Don’t Give a Damn – BoA
My Name (2004) – SM Entertainment

8. Should Have What feat. DOUBLE – Heartsdales
Sugar Shine (2002) – cutting edge

9. 하늘 위로 (HaNeul We Ro) Remix [Up To the Sky] – Lexy
Rush (2007)

10. Beautiful Things – Emm Gryner
Asianblue (2002) – indie/ Outside Music

11. Perfect – Maggie Kim
Lesson 1.5 (2004) – indie – (Track available on iTunes)

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