China’s Premier, Wen Jiabao gets on Facebook

In this year’s presidential race, we’ve seen American politicians soliciting the youth vote through channels including myspace, MTV, SNL and the like. Now, it seems like China’s catching on.

A short while ago, Premier Wen Jiabao’s profile page mysteriously appeared on Facebook. By yesterday, Premier Wen emerged as one of FB’s Top Ten Politicians, beating out the Terminator and Bush Junior. Wen is the only Asian politician in the top 30.

Nobody really knows who set up the FB page for Wen, but whatever the case, it’s still pretty cool. I became a supporter. Will you?

For those of you wondering who’s #1, it’s overwhelmingly Obama.

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Sharon blogs from Manhattan and is a Chinese-American marketing and PR professional. After working for several years throughout Asia and across the US, she has returned to life as a student and is currently in graduate school, blogging intermittently between classes and happy hour.
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