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Sharon blogs from Manhattan and is a Chinese-American marketing and PR professional. After working for several years throughout Asia and across the US, she has returned to life as a student and is currently in graduate school, blogging intermittently between classes and happy hour.

Hard-Core Chinese Food, A Cure for Picky Eaters

Want to cure your child from picky eating habits? Send them to China! A recent New York Times article entitled, “Scorpions for Breakfast and Snails for Dinner” suggests that there’s no reason why kids should hate veggies, and that it’s even more absurd that … Continue reading

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China’s Premier, Wen Jiabao gets on Facebook

In this year’s presidential race, we’ve seen American politicians soliciting the youth vote through channels including myspace, MTV, SNL and the like. Now, it seems like China’s catching on. A short while ago, Premier Wen Jiabao’s profile page mysteriously appeared … Continue reading

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Negativity Against China: Scrutinizing the Scrutiny

In a year that was meant to be prosperous, honorable, and filled with good fortune, China has gotten off to a bad start. Less than six months into 2008, the Middle Kingdom has already experienced significant natural disasters, mounting criticism … Continue reading

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Asia Traveling Tips

It’s May. School’s out and summer’s IN. Which means one thing – it’s travel season! If you’re Asian, maybe you’re making a pilgrimage to the mothership. Even if you’re not Asian, you still might be headed to Shanghai, Bangkok, or … Continue reading

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End of the Bubble Tea Era: Asians Look Beyond Boba

Like all hip and cool Asian kids, I grew up going to boba tea houses for social gatherings and late-night snack runs. Starbucks never stood a fighting chance against Lollicup’s chilled honeydew milk tea. Bubble tea came to the U.S. … Continue reading

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Christian Dior Names New Fashion Model for Japan: Hello Kitty

She’s one of the most recognizable Japanese faces in the world, and I think we’d all agree that she is super, super cute. Now, at age 32, she’s breaking into high-fashion modeling for luxury brands. No, she’s not Utada. It’s … Continue reading

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