Asian American Commercial Watch: Liberty Mutual Insurance’s ‘First Word | Truth Tellers’

I forget when I saw this cute commercial – probably while watching the San Francisco 49ers play. The premise is that the mother has been telling everyone how much money she’s been saving switching her insurance to Liberty Mutual, causing her baby daughter’s first words to be “liberty” and not “mama” or “auntie.” LOL! As Liberty Mutual Insurance had stated on YouTube:

“For a baby she’s quite the name dropper.”

One of the YouTube comments had remarked, “Is that Jae Suh Park??” – and upon further review, I think that is actress Jae Suh Park, who I last saw in The Great Divide. One of my first ever “Asian American Commercial Watch” posts (back in 2008!) happens to be a Wells Fargo commercial starring her then struggling actor husband Randall Park.

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