Fugitive Dr. Tony Shiu, caught in Taiwan, back in the Bay Area

I saw this disturbing and shocking story on ABC7 News this evening on Dr. Tony Shui, “Doctor accused of molesting patients.” This story is made for Disgrasian (“You’re a disgrace. To the Race.”):

“A Dublin doctor was arraigned on charges he drugged men, secretly took pics and then molested them. The fugitive doctor had been on the run for almost two years. This was a high-profile shocking case in the quiet town of Dublin. No one knew where he was until Shiu made a critical mistake, which lead American authorities to Taiwan. Tony Shiu was arrested in Taipei, Taiwan. He had been living here under the alias Tony Jiang. Chinese news reports say he was teaching English at a school and lived an uneventful quiet life… “

Shiu even made it as a story on “America’s Most Wanted.”

Can you imagine your doctor violating your trust while you are sedated??? What I find odd is that after police had found over 450 digital images at his home, Shiu wasn’t immediately detained (maybe he was?, made bail, then fled). I guess if you are an Asian American accused of a crime and want to flee, there’s no better place to hide than Asia. But you still need a passport to flee. I’m not trying to figure out how to flee the country if you’re a fugitive, but I am just a little concerned how easily an accused criminal could escape the authorities so easily.

This story also made me recall a blog posting I read recently read (though written in 2005 ) “Why E.R. Will Never Have an Asian Male Doctor” and made me thought if this would be the only time I’d “see” an Asian American male doctor on television, one arrested for abusing his patients? Are there any male doctors on Grey’s Anatomy? (I don’t watch the show, but I am guessing not). Hopefully this incident with Shiu won’t stigmatize Asian American doctors (at least in the Bay Area) as creepy malfeasants.

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