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Is Japan Becoming A Nation of Whiners and Complainers?

Except for Moye*, the Japanese/Japanese-American folks I know aren’t usually people who do much complaining. While that’s a pretty big generalization, we all know the stereotypes– both real and perceived– of the “quiet” Japanese men and women who don’t like … Continue reading

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ChinaExpat: China as the next Japan?

China Expat makes some interesting observations in comparing the latest Chinese growth to current day Japan. It’s interesting the perspectives taken are a very westernized look at how China compares up with the rest of the world. Westerners seem to … Continue reading

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Everything under the sun is “Made in China”

It’s interesting when you read about things that are made in China. I mean, who really doesn’t know that things are manufactured there anyways? Anything you pick up practically has the little sticker on it. But something that I didn’t … Continue reading

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