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DNC 2016 – Day 4 – Quick Chat with CA State Treasurer John Chiang and Governor 2018!

Although I had seen California State Treasury John Chiang several times during the week at the Democratic National Convention, I hadn’t had a chance to do an interview. On Day 4 at the California Delegates Breakfast, I finally did, though only … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Ted Lieu for Congress 2014

Ted Lieu is currently a California State Assembly member in the California state legislature and he is running for Congress. Full disclosure: I think I have donated to to his campaign in the past, and have met him a few … Continue reading

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Jean Quan Running for Oakland Mayor

I previously blogged about Jennifer Pae running for Oakland city council, but what I didn’t realize was that Jean Quan was running for mayor.  Just the other night, I received a Facebook invitation for a fundraiser for her. Jean Quan … Continue reading

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China’s Control on Internet Commentary

The Chinese government is now paying people to write commentary on the Internet to negate any bad “opinions”. This is the next logical step in order to try and control negative news, due to the nature of the Internet and … Continue reading

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Nankai students standing together

Tiananmen Square all over again? Not quite. But after a bicyclist going the same direction as a vehicle collided, the driver demanded not only an apology but also payment including insulting the bicyclist. After having a few choice words and … Continue reading

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ChinaExpat: China as the next Japan?

China Expat makes some interesting observations in comparing the latest Chinese growth to current day Japan. It’s interesting the perspectives taken are a very westernized look at how China compares up with the rest of the world. Westerners seem to … Continue reading

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