Lust, Caution: The Ang Lee Movie You Might Not See

Quick, name the newest film directed by Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee. If you answered a certain movie about gay cowboys, you would be wrong – Lee recently directed a Taiwanese art-house movie called 色戒, or Lust, Caution.

Unfortunately, if you’re expecting to see it in theaters the same way you saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you might have to wait a while, via IMDB:

Focus CEO James Schamus told the Associated Press in an email that the U.S. movie market is “insanely overcrowded.” He added, “Every art-house film that tries to go wide is having trouble, so while we are going out in every major market and getting great numbers, we are being very cautious until we see how the market shakes out.” He called Caution “a very Asian film … whose politics and sexuality are challenging.” So, it would seem, is the film’s NC-17 rating. Shamus said that newspapers in Salt Lake City are refusing to carry ads for the movie.

Aaah, NC-17 – the film-rating’s mark of death. They are showing the film in theaters that play more experimental films, including three in the Bay Area, so as long as you’re not in Utah, you can help yourself to some Asian porn a riveting story besieged with political and sexual intrigue.

[Link credit: George]

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