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SF Theater Review: Asian American LGBTQ Themes in a New Production of “Fun Home”

If you get the chance, catch “Fun Home” at the Gateway Theater on Jackson Street in San Francisco, between now and May 8, 2022. Many of the storylines around being closeted (her dad), difficulty coming out to parents and parents who won’t talk about your LGBTQ status all resonate deeply in the Asian American community. Continue reading

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8Books Review: ‘SWIM’ by Eric C. Wat

There’s a column series on 8Asians, called “How to Be a Bad Asian”.  I myself wrote one in the series, called “How to Be a Bad Asian: Turning Out Gay”.  But, if there’s one way you can be a worse … Continue reading

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8Books Review: “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” by Ocean Vuong

Named one of the most anticipated books of 2019, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous is Ocean Vuong’s novel debut. In 2016, Vuong’s poetry collection, Night Sky with Exit Wounds, earned national recognition, winning the T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry and … Continue reading

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8Questions with Barney Cheng, Director of “Baby Steps”

Back in September 2018, I did a review of a movie Baby Steps on 8Asians. The movie was written, directed and starred Barney Cheng. I was still so intrigued with the movie, that I got in contact with Barney and asked him … Continue reading

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“Baby Steps” Review: A film about two gay dads, surrogacy and a tiger mom

“Baby Steps” is a film released in 2015, written, directed and staring Barney Cheng.  He plays the lead character, Danny Lee, a Taiwanese-American living in Los Angeles with a Caucasian boyfriend, Tate.  They’ve decided to have a child, through surrogacy, … Continue reading

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LGBT Media Convening 2017: Journalists Revisit Their Coverage of the Pulse Shooting in Orlando

June 12 will mark the one year anniversary of the devastating shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. This year’s LGBT Media Convening, which appropriately took place in Orlando. Jeff Truesdell of People moderated a panel featuring Billy Manes with … Continue reading

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Discrimination Against LGBT People Could Cost Indonesia Almost $12B USD a Year

Discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Indonesians in workplaces, schools, and social opportunities is pervasive and will limit their ability to fully contribute to the Indonesian economy. A new study shows that the cost of discrimination to the … Continue reading

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8Books Review: “Not Your Sidekick” by C.B. Lee

It has been a good summer for fun-loving, ass-kicking Asian American superheroines, and if you’re not already, get on board for C.B. Lee’s Not Your Sidekick. Its biggest flaw? Being the first in the series, leaving us on the edge waiting … Continue reading

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Letting Go in the Wake of My 30th High School Reunion

I’m writing this on the day of my 30th High School Reunion. No, I’m not traveling the 3000 miles it would take to go there and be at the party tonight. So let me start by saying this isn’t going … Continue reading

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Caitlyn Jenner and the Power of Privilege

Observe the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner and you get a good study of the power of privilege. I don’t want to minimize the courage and bravery Jenner exhibits to tell her story and to live her life the way … Continue reading

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Watch This Now: ‘Spiritless,’ A Short Film on a British Born Chinese Teen’s Sexuality

Take 15 minutes to check out this short film dealing with a British-born Chinese teenager struggling with his sexuality. Says Kenneth Gawne of Dragonreel Films: We feel Asians are grossly under represented in main stream media, especially in the UK … Continue reading

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8 Questions for Ken Fong of “The Ken Fong Project”

I was fortunate enough to meet Ken Fong of the Ken Fong Project this year during the V3con digital media conference in Los Angeles on June 20-21, 2014. Ken was part of the panel titled “Secrets Online: Topics that are … Continue reading

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