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Being Pushed Over the Glass Cliff

Almost everyone’s heard of the glass ceiling, the inability of women and minorities to get promoted to higher levels of the executive ranks due to discrimination. What most probably haven’t heard about is the new “glass cliff”. NPR discussed it … Continue reading

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Asia, Not the West, Leading the Way for Female Leaders

Modern mainstream thought places “progress” in the hands of the west. After all, human rights, Democracy, the Enlightenment, Philosophy, English, and soccer all came from Europe and spread around the world. Ignoring the atrocity of colonialism, the modern world of … Continue reading

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Slanted Process: US Trademark Office Says Anyone (Except Asians) Can Trademark “The Slants”

By Simon Tam A few years ago, I filed a trademark application for my band, The Slants. The US Trademark Office rejected it, claiming it was disparaging towards Asians. I was baffled: I’m Asian. At first, we fought it by … Continue reading

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Where Are The Asians In The Bachelor/The Bachelorette?

Following the heels of Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson, two African American football players who filed an entertainment lawsuit against ABC, executive producer Mike Fleiss, and The Bachelor/The Bachelorette’s production companies, I demand there be some fine Asian brothers and sisters … Continue reading

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Memorial To Be Placed at Oregon’s Chinese Massacre Cove

On May 25, 1887, a group of up to 34 Chinese miners were massacred by a group of white frontiersmen in Hells Canyon in a section of the Snake River now officially known as Chinese Massacre Cove. After robbing them … Continue reading

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Preventing Violence Against Young Asian American Bullying Victims In Schools

On December 3, 2009 at South Philadelphia High School, 26 Asian immigrant students were assaulted by classmates, the majority of them African American. Thirteen of those attacked ended up in the emergency room. The Hyphen Magazine article “Are You Picking … Continue reading

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Fight Breaks Out Between Muslims & NY Police Over Hijabs

August 31st marked the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. For those who know the ordeal and discipline one must go through with Ramadan, it is clear to say that Eid al-Fitr is a joyous occasion worth celebrating. … Continue reading

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Storytelling: Master Lee, Chink and Bruce Lee

The Moth, a not-for-profit storytelling organization sponsored a talk by Master Lee in 2008, newly available now as a podcast, titled Chink. I personally believe that title, Chink, remains as offensive today as it did to me in the early … Continue reading

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When One Stereotype Begets Another

As a member of one race or ethnicity you may sometimes think there’s no harm in perpetuating stereotypes of other races or ethnicities besides your own. That’s where you may be surprised to find out you’d be wrong. A recent … Continue reading

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Can Being Asian Prevent Promotions?

So I got this email, and saw the tweet: Being Asian can prevent you from ascending the corporate ladder. Our seminar, presented with EMC Asian Circle, can tell you what to do about it. You’ve done all the right things, … Continue reading

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Chinese-Americans Not American enough to Teach English in China

So what if I know more about dangling participles and comma splices than the typical white American? I’d be unqualified to teach English in China because of my skin color. An article in the L.A. Times reports on the blatant … Continue reading

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