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The Daily Show: The Slants & The Right to Discriminate Against Yourself

If you hadn’t heard recently, there was a Supreme Court decision involving the Asian American band called The Slants, that was settled in their favor: “Members of the Asian-American rock band The Slants have the right to call themselves by a disparaging … Continue reading

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Slanted Process: US Trademark Office Says Anyone (Except Asians) Can Trademark “The Slants”

By Simon Tam A few years ago, I filed a trademark application for my band, The Slants. The US Trademark Office rejected it, claiming it was disparaging towards Asians. I was baffled: I’m Asian. At first, we fought it by … Continue reading

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Should “The Slants” be a Trademarked Name?

Portland, Oregon rock band The Slants’ attempt to trademark their name has been rejected by the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO), apparently because the department thought that the name was disparaging to Asian Americans.  In their application, the band’s … Continue reading

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