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The Molded Minority

In the discussions of racism and its impact in the United States, people often commonly refer to the racial relationships between White and Black Americans. In history textbooks, we study in depth the discriminatory practices and laws perpetrated by Whites … Continue reading

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Memorial To Be Placed at Oregon’s Chinese Massacre Cove

On May 25, 1887, a group of up to 34 Chinese miners were massacred by a group of white frontiersmen in Hells Canyon in a section of the Snake River now officially known as Chinese Massacre Cove. After robbing them … Continue reading

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Reena Virk: 12 Years Later and No Sign of Justice for Hate Crime

Friday, June 12, 2009 marks the “conclusion” of the fourth trial for the murder of South Asian youth, Reena Virk. Reena was fourteen years old when she was killed in 1997 by a gang of white youth in Victoria, British … Continue reading

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Cowardly assault at WSU a reminder of racial intolerance

As the years pass, you would have imagined that racial tolerance would be progressing. Yet an incident that occurred at my alma mater, Washington State University, spoke of regression. Why is this problematic? When I first read about this particular … Continue reading

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