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Amanda Nguyen and the Federal Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights

Given the fact that 62,759,366 Americans just voted for a misogynist to take the highest office in our land, the work of courageous individuals such as Amanda Nguyen are more important today than ever before. Nguyen was assaulted in college … Continue reading

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Asians Behaving Badly: Woman Charged With Dousing Ex-Husband With Boiling Water

Jesusa Tatad was charged with torture after dousing her ex-husband with boiling water and later hitting him in the head with baseball bat. Prosecutors say that she attacked him in the home they still shared after believing that her ex … Continue reading

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Cowardly assault at WSU a reminder of racial intolerance

As the years pass, you would have imagined that racial tolerance would be progressing. Yet an incident that occurred at my alma mater, Washington State University, spoke of regression. Why is this problematic? When I first read about this particular … Continue reading

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