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Mitsuru spends his time worrying about writing, worrying about cooking, and admiring cats in his neighbourhood. Mostly, Mitsuru is mysterious and not in that racist Asian-small-eyes-stereotype way, but because he has no last name. He is a Japanese-Canadian Toronto-based writer with aspirations to some day be a poet.

Obama Bows to Emperor Akihito

Barack Obama’s bow-at-the-waist to Emperor Akihito has garnered some pretty harsh responses in the US. Namely, it is anti-Obama critics jumping on the President’s gesture with the ferocity of a jock at my high school who’s just been implicated as … Continue reading

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So Why Do Asians Love Stereotypes of Themselves?

It was sitting in the middle of a packed theatre in downtown Toronto that I noticed racist jokes aren’t just funny to white people. Fu-gen, Asian Canadian Theatre Company operating out of Toronto has recently produced some plays that are … Continue reading

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White Men Making Decisions for Asian Women: Sarkozy and the Burqa

“It will not be welcome on the territory of the French republic.” Following a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in which the two disagreed on the issue, French President Nicolas Sarkozy made a major policy speech condemning the covering. … Continue reading

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Reena Virk: 12 Years Later and No Sign of Justice for Hate Crime

Friday, June 12, 2009 marks the “conclusion” of the fourth trial for the murder of South Asian youth, Reena Virk. Reena was fourteen years old when she was killed in 1997 by a gang of white youth in Victoria, British … Continue reading

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Thomas Beatie: “Pregnant-Again” Man, Once a Filipino

So I had heard a while ago that Thomas Beatie — a celebrity transman — is a mixie much like myself. He too has a white mama, an Asian daddy, and originally, an Asian surname. He too was born with … Continue reading

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What Does Being “Asian” Mean?

I tried not to take anything they taught me in grade nine geography class too seriously; it was one of those easy courses where the teacher read a National Geographic to herself while you coloured in maps for an hour … Continue reading

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