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8Books Review: “Chop Suey, USA” by Yong Chen

Reading Yong Chen’s new book Chop Suey, USA: The Story of Chinese Food in America is an education. In some ways, it seems more like an encyclopedia or a peak into the brain of a man who has read and retained an … Continue reading

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Traveling Taiwan: Alishan Sunrise (Part 20C of 24)

I’m more of a night owl than a morning person, but there are definitely things in this world worth getting up before dawn for, and the Alishan Sunrise experience would have to be one of those. We were pretty bummed … Continue reading

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Chinese Railroad Workers Inducted into the U.S. Labor Hall of Honor & Reclaiming Promontory Point

http://youtu.be/2XvhmGTqeHY On May 9th, history was made as the Chinese Railroad Workers were inducted into the U.S. Labor Hall of Honor. You can view the entire ceremony on the Department of Labor’s YouTube channel. If you don’t happen to know: … Continue reading

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“GUN FU” by Just Kidding Films

I’ve been a long time fan of Just Kidding Films, but this has got to be by far my favorite of their video productions. I was laughing until I was wiping away tears. From research into APIA history in the … Continue reading

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Remembering 228: My First Lesson at the Taiwanese American Foundation (TAF) Summer Camp

This piece was written for the youth participants and alumni of the Taiwanese American Foundation (TAF), the oldest summer conference serving people of Taiwanese heritage. It was originally published at the TAF website and has been republished here with permission. … Continue reading

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Highlights Of Voter Suppression In Asian America

Since the sixth of November is 2012’s election year, Mother Jones recently put out an article on the timeline of voter suppression in America. What’s interesting about the piece is that many individuals from Asian American history are right there … Continue reading

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100 Years Of Asian American Immigration Documents To Be Publicly Available

I have always envied white Americans who talked about researching their genealogy as what little of my family’s written records were lost in WWII, but soon, some other Asian Americans will not have that envy. Immigration records for Asian Americans, … Continue reading

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