POP 88 #24 – Reel Asian Film Festival

Reel Asian Film Festival 2008
Brr, is it cold enough for you? (If you’re on the northeastern seaboard, that is.) Hopefully to warm you — or at least your ears — up, here is some new music from Anna Tsuchiya, Chemistry and Park Jung Ah. I also have an exclusive interview with Deanna Wong, Executive Director for the Toronto International Reel Asian Film Festival.

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1. You Go Your Way – Chemistry
Winter Love (2008)

2. New Ways Girl – Park Jung Ah
New Ways Girl (2008 – Digital single)

3. Return of the B-Girl – Masia One
Pulau: the Islands, Vol. 2 (2008)

4. Can’t Stand it any Longer – Hsiao Hung Ren
Hsiao Hung Ren (2008)

5. Crazyworld – Anna Tsuchiya
Nudy Show! (2008)

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