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Racebending in Art and Pulp: Views from Back East on Cloud Atlas, The Impossible, and Red Dawn

“Why are those stupid Americans always so petty about issues like race?” asks my Belgian colleague. I shrug my shoulders, because after ten years in America, I still don’t have that view that political correctness directly leads to equality–it’s a … Continue reading

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The Red Dawn Remake To Be Released in 2012

After nearly two years of stalling, the Red Dawn remake has finally found a distributor willing to take on this film, after MGM emerged from bankruptcy in 2009 and deciding not to release it.  FilmDistrict, an independent studio, is finalizing … Continue reading

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Red Dawn Remake Changes Villain to North Korea

The last time I checked the Red Dawn remake, their release date was put on hold indefinitely and that news alone was enough to keep me happy. But yesterday, I stumbled upon this article from Racebending that not only is … Continue reading

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