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8Asians News: Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE

Nearly two decades after the first release, a remake of the wildly popular and epic Final Fantasy 7 has been announced bringing this classic game up to date. Production on this remake has already begun, and it will be available … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Olsen Offered Female Lead In “Oldboy” Remake

Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake only had 45 percent of my support — and that was because they cast Josh Brolin in the lead role. My support for this film increased to about 70 percent when I learned that Elizabeth Olsen … Continue reading

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The Red Dawn Remake To Be Released in 2012

After nearly two years of stalling, the Red Dawn remake has finally found a distributor willing to take on this film, after MGM emerged from bankruptcy in 2009 and deciding not to release it.  FilmDistrict, an independent studio, is finalizing … Continue reading

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Is Disney Remaking Snow White with a Chinese Warrior Theme?

I just caught word that Disney is attempting to make a live-action version of their beloved classic Snow White but this time, it’s going to be set in 19th century China. The plot goes like this: A 19th century Englishwoman who … Continue reading

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